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Free Printable Watercolor Pages of Cats Ideas 2021

Watercolor Pages of Cats. Cats are the most adorable pets that most people love. And they are one of the best objects to paint. Their fur and their cute face are always interesting to explore. Thus, we provide you with cat water-coloring pages. These watercolor pages include numerous choices, from the cute picture to the realistic picture of a cat. Just pick the one you like. Dedicated to the cute cats out there, this post will also inform you how to build up the color in watercolor. Beginners are welcome to try. Good Luck with your coloring works!

Basic Methods to Build up the Colors in Watercoloring

1. The Build-up Color Method.

Watercoloring needs water to mix the colors up. The first tip for beginners is to apply an “ombre” color or something using one color to create seamless/ different effects. Please do not skip the steps below.

  • Prepare a medium-sized brush, dry watercolor paper, and watercolor paint. Start your practice by dropping a small amount of water into your palette. Followed by dabbing the paint next to it.
  • Put your brush into a bit of water and paint your strip. There is no color yet in this step and your paper might look transparent. But keep going.
  • Work slowly and add a small amount of pigment to your water. Be mindful of how many colors you want it to be.
  • Continue your last transparent paint.
  • Just before picking another color, rinse and pat your brush.
  • By the end, your paint will look thicker and have no harsh transition.
  • Repeat with other colors.

2. The Gradient Creation Method.

The steps are similar to the building color method above, but this time you need two colors to mix. Check out the color wheel to get the color harmony.

  • Side by side, mix up two different colors. Make sure you put a 50/50 of water ratio for each color.
  • Start your painting using the first color.
  • Clean up the brush, and take the second color and mix them up.
  • The gradient must look subtle, so be careful.
  • Continue with different color tones. Take as many experiments as you like to soften the gradient look.

3. The Precision Method.

Painting non-abstract objects must deal with precision. So, take a look at the following steps.

  • Paint the shape, for example, the cats.
  • Use two different sizes of brushes and start painting around your object.
  • Prepare enough blue paint to get a better flow.
  • Paint only the inside of the paper to create a border.
  • Repeat those steps as many times as you want. 

Coloring Pages of Cat Collection

Two Cats on Mouse Hunting Coloring Page

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Aesthetic Cat Mandala Motive Coloring Page

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Kitten and Butterfly Coloring Page

kitten coloring pages to print coloring pages 34
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Cat Coloring Page with Mandala Detail

cat coloring page miedzykreskami on etsy color pages
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Cute Cat Playing with Her Child

cats coloring page
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Simple Cat Family Coloring Page

free printable cat coloring pages for kids
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Simple 2D Coloring Page of Kittens

printable kid coloring page cats clip art library
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The Playing Kitten Coloring Sheets

cat coloring sheets malvorlagen malvorlagen zum
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Cute Smiling Cat Watercolor Page

coloring pages of cats free printable cat coloring pages for
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Beautiful Kitten and Ribbon Coloring Sheets

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Realistic Cats Digital Coloring Pages

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Nyan Cat Coloring Page

cat coloring page photo 1 pages printable siirthaber
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A Magical Cat Smiling for Coloring

coloring pages of a cat
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Super-Cute Kitten to Watercolor in Weekend

cat pusheen coloring book kitten hello kitty kawaii cat
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Cat and Hat Coloring Page

cat coloring pages for preschoolers at getdrawings
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Adorable 2D Cats Family Coloring Page

cats coloring page
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Happy Birthday Card of Cat Coloring Page

tomcat happy birthday card coloring page cats coloring pages
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Cat In The Box with Hat for Watercolor

free coloring printables cats pusat hobi
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Full Size of Cat In The Box With Hat

cat coloring pages
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