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Simple Helicopter Coloring Pages Pictures for Kids 2021

Helicopters are aerial transportation. Although we almost cannot ride on them, at least the museum of transportation accommodates us to be on them. Furthermore, helicopters provide loads of aerial pictures that we can’t imagine before.

Although we don’t have the chance to travel by helicopter, why don’t you introduce this transportation to your kids in the form of pictures? The following are some helicopter sketches to color with your little ones.

1. A helicopter a la children book

Everything inside the children’s books must be simple and easy to follow. This one suits toddlers and preschoolers. Once you see a helicopter in a children’s book, it must be simple and friendly with just a few details.

One fact you might tell your kid is that a helicopter is the only aerial transportation that is able to move forward, backward, side-to-side, and hover.

2. A helicopter a la cartoon series

If you ever see the cartoon series, the helicopter must be in bold lines. This is like a military helicopter. You can lead the way to color and ask them the differences between this helicopter and another one.

The second fun fact is the original design of a helicopter came from China. The Chinese thought and examined what would happen if transportation moved and flew like flying bamboo toys. And they did.

3. A helicopter a la Dr. Seuss

The whimsical design and exterior may lead our mind to travel back to Dr. Seuss. So, the colors are up to you, whether you need to color them in red or blue, or anything else?

Don’t forget to introduce your little one to the story of Dr. Seuss. And they may find ideas about what colors they should choose for this whimsical helicopter. If you don’t have any helicopter books, try downloading the following helicopter coloring pages.

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Helicopter Coloring Pages Collection

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helicopter coloring pages coloring pages helicopter
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Astonishing Military Helicopter Coloring Ideas

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Helicopters Coloring Pages Free

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Military Helicopter Coloring Pages for Young Adults

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