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Mindfulness and Abstract Patterned Pictures For Coloring

Mindfulness and Abstract Patterned Pictures For Coloring

Abstract painting is a painting that has left its natural form or is called unreal. Abstract paintings are difficult to find because recognizing them requires a long period of observation and understanding. Abstract painting is a form of imaginary art created by artists in choosing the basic form of its form so that the form of it seems to be exclusive, in which the shape of the abstract painting itself is not remembered even in the concrete realm.

One of the characteristics of abstract art is that it seems unknown to remember, abstract form is not related to any form that has been observed, but when viewed it will look like something. Color and appearance as well as other complementary materials in abstract painting are materials for abstract painting to appear more specific.

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Big Mindfulness Flower

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The Origin of Abstract Art

Historically, the art of abstract painting is closely tied to sketching. Prehistoric heritage proves that from thousands of years ago, human ancestors began to create drawings on cave walls to depict important forms of their life. All cultures in the world know the art of painting because abstract paintings are very easy to create.

A painting can be created only by using primitive materials such as charcoal, chalk, and other materials. One of the popular systems of prehistoric sketching carried out by cave people is by placing their hands on the cave walls, then splashing them by chewing on colored mineral rocks.

At the beginning of the progress of the painting, it was closely related to the growth of human culture from the form of language, how to strengthen life and faith was a condition caused by the growth of the art of painting. The result is seen in the types of forms, descriptions, and stories in them. At that time, painting had special properties, such as a note-taking tool. People in prehistoric times spent their free time visualizing and painting, the way of relationships using sketches ultimately stimulated the creation of written forms because letters actually came from sketch icons which were then simplified and normalized.

Dinosaur and Scenery Mountain Scene

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What is Doodle Art?

A doodle is a simple drawing that can have real meaning or just consist of random and abstract lines, generally without lifting the image of the paper, in which case it is usually called a “doodle”. Doodle art includes 2-dimensional art and includes interesting graphic design art, such as graffiti that is often seen on the side of the road. Usually, doodles can be made based on themes, namely the theme of flowers, faces, names, animals that will form a unique image.

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Doodling is most often indulgent with young children and toddlers, due to the lack of eye-hand coordination and mental development that often makes it very difficult for children to keep up with coloring efforts in art subjects. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to see such behavior with adults, in which case it is usually done with worry, out of boredom. A common example of doodling in school notebooks, often found on the side of the road, is drawn by students who daydream or lose interest during class. Another example of common doodling is produced during a lengthy telephone conversation if pen and paper are available.

Zentangle Art Pattern

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Compilation of Leaves

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Amazon Lost Pattern

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Beauty Skull with Flower Ornament

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A Couple of owl

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Don’t Give Up Quotes and Flowers

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Spiral Roundy Pattern

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Sunny Abstract Pattern

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Butterfly Doodle Art

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Beautiful Things Unfold Before Me Quote

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Gorgeous Colored Lion

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Awesome Big Flower

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Stunning Mandala Flower Pattern

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Anti Stress Art Pattern

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Star and Triangle Pattern Art

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Mindful Compassion Flower Pattern

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Leaves and Squares Pattern

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Huge Flower and Leaves Art

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Black And White Abstract Pattern

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Sillouete Lovely Cat

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Peacock Doodle Art

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A Couple of Peacock Heading the Flower

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Coloring abstract pictures coloring is one activity that is quite beneficial for children. In general, it can train children’s creativity and imagination so they can know how to draw and color monster trucks.

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