Collection of Pirates For Coloring Ideas

During the Golden Age of Pirates, sometime between 1650 and 1730, pirates ambushed and robbed ships throughout the Caribbean. We remember them as ruthless men, stealing and wreaking havoc on the lives of European citizens. But, from another point of view, pirates were quite different. At that time, the New World was filled with slaves, and pirate ships often attacked slave ships. When we talk about pirates in the Caribbean, we usually think of a white person, like Blackbeard or Samuel Bellamy. They were white pirates who plundered their fellow whites.

However, the first pirates recorded in history were actually dark-skinned, for example, as noted in the records of a French sailor who met two men on the coast of Hispaniola.

Pirates don’t attack just any ship they see, because they have to make sure they make a profit. So, have to aim for a ship that is worth the effort. The most targeted ships are slave carriers. Not out of concern for the rights of Africans, but the pirates wanted the ship.

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Collection of Pirates For Coloring Ideas

Airship Pirate

airship pirate coloring pages adult coloring steampunk coloring page fantasy coloring printable download
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Pirate Prince Kid

pirate princess coloring pages pirate coloring page of
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Pirate and The Box of Gold

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Garfield and Pirate

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Five Ways to Ask Kids Learning While Playing

1. Introducing letters with fridge magnets
Introduce at least 5 letters per day using a fridge magnet. Ask him to guess the letter that you have introduced. Also, introduce how to spell your little one’s name.

2. Introduce colors, shapes, and body parts
Be diligent in inviting your little one to chat and ask about various objects around him. For example, “What color is this ball?” or “What shape does this hat look like?” In addition, Mother can also play guessing body parts, such as “Which Adek’s nose, huh?” or “Which brother’s right hand?”

3. Counting your little one’s toys
When asking your little one to clean up his toys, ask him to count how many cars, how many balls, and how many dolls. In this way, your little one will learn about the concepts of counting and grouping objects.

4. Draw and color with crayons
Prepare large enough paper and crayons. Let the children doodle according to their imagination or color the pictures that have been provided. Through this early childhood education activity that your little one will surely love, he will train his hand and eye coordination skills, including holding writing instruments well.

5. Playing playdough
Playdough is also useful for developing children’s imagination and training their hand muscles through squeezing, twisting, and rolling activities. In effect, the fine motor skills of the little one’s hands will be trained and this is useful for writing activities.

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Pirate and Parrot

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Pirate in the seashore

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Improving Kids’ Skills

By inviting children to play exciting games and hone their skills, it is actually a place to play while learning. There are many ways you can do in terms of playing while learning. For example :

1. Mother can take her to the zoo. Here the little one can play while learning about the types of animals, the types of food, the characteristics of these animals and so on.

2. You can also invite your little one to play snakes and ladders. When playing snakes and ladders, you can teach your little one about addition (counting the dots on the dice, learning the shapes of numbers, from the numbers listed on the game board and so on.

3. In this era of digitalization, there is no harm in introducing your little one about gadgets. Many things can be taught to your little one via smartphone or ipad. Mothers can download various kinds of fun game applications while playing for your little one. Here you can teach your little one about various forms of numbers, colors, various vehicles, various songs and so on.

One thing when learning while playing via gadgets is that your little one is pampered with visualizations that are guaranteed not to be boring. Your child will quickly catch what he learns. But you need to remember, Mother, when studying with your gadget, you have to accompany and supervise it.

Lego Pirates

lego pirates coloring pages 1 lego coloring pirate
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Handsome Pirate and Parrot

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Jake And The Never Land Pirates

jake and the never land pirates coloring picture pirate
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Lego Pirate holds Sword

lego pirate coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Toddlers Pirate Treasure

pirate coloring pages for toddlers pirate treasure coloring
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Pirates Ship

free printable pirate coloring pages pirate coloring pages
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Roblox Pirate

roblox pirate coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Pirate and Flag of Skull

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Pirate is Smiling

pirate characters printable coloring pages
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Bandana in Pirate

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Old and Breedy Pirate

pirate coloring pages pirate coloring pages easy drawings
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Jake The Pirate and Friends

jake the pirate coloring pages sheets and pirates 2 vkmix
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Old and one foot Pirate

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Roblox Pirate Baparty Ideen

print roblox pirate coloring pages baparty ideen
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