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Reasons Why Humans Love Dogs and Puppy Coloring Pages Pictures

Love can be explained and measured by science, including the love of humans for puppies. Small dogs or big dogs give similar effects. When you ask someone why she/she loves her/ his dog, the answer might be similar “because they offer undeniable loyalty more than any human can do.”

The dog’s love and loyalty build strong relationships between dogs and humans. Science has studied this relationship and they find some results as follows.

1. We Evolve Together

This is the influence of history. Long story short, humans and dogs are evolving to live peacefully together. Dogs provide loyalty and service to humans up to today. 

2. Bring Excitement and Love to Play

Have you ever looked at your dog’s reaction when your friend comes around? Mostly your dog will look at you and your friend, repeatedly. As if asking to play together. Dogs love to play with you, their protector.

On the other hand, dogs act as if they are your protectors. They have the courage to protect you from any threats coming. They have that excitement to show how much they love and want to protect you so much.

3. What Psychology Says About Their Innocent Looks

Dogs like having the ability to see what is inside our hearts and mind. They can feel our sadness, anger, happiness, anxiety, etc through our eyes. We cannot lie to them.

Interaction between humans is full of judgment, but not with dogs. They see our faults without any judgment. They just want to protect and defend us. That is what builds a strong bond between humans and dogs. They never jump to conclusions about what is going on. They offer to cure, love, and protection. Dogs’ eyes show pure love and intention, which melt humans’ hearts.

Dogs are humans’ best friends. That is why we love everything about them, including puppy coloring pages.

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Puppy Coloring Pages Gallery

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Puppy Coloring Page For Kids 2021

puppy coloring page for kids 2019 malvorlagen zum
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