Marvel Superhero and Lego Superman for Coloring

Talking about superheroes cannot be separated from figures with super powers that they have and always try to uphold the truth and crush all crimes. The general public today may be much more familiar with imported superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics such as The Avengers Group such as Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, X-Men Group, and Justice League such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and others and so on. The important point of these various superheroes is that they are all fictional characters and their presence does not escape the imagination of the incompetence and dreams of each individual human being that he can achieve.

Whether these superheroes are the result of individual abilities like Ironman and Batman, genetic engineering like Spiderman and The Flash, mutants like Wolverine, to truly super creatures like Thor and Superman, all of them still need help from other superheroes. We can imagine if a superhero has a selfish nature, naturally wants to eradicate evil in various corners of the world then somehow he cannot be in an event that occurs at the same time. Therefore, every superhero regardless of how they come from always tries to put aside their own selfishness and tries to work together with other superheroes to jointly eradicate evil in order to create peace.

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Marvel Superhero and Lego Superman for Coloring

Hanging Spiderman

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Superhero Captain America

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Mini Batman

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Little Wolfrine

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Superhero Logos

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Captain Marvel in Short

Captain Marvel’s real name is Carol Danvers. So far, she has never appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he is thought to be the key to changing what Thanos has done.

In a short scene after Infinity War’s end, you see how Nick Fury tries to get the pager out of his car and pushes a button before she finally turns to dust. The pager then fell, indicating that he was sending a message, before the blue and red logo, the icon of Captain Marvel, appeared.

Danvers, formerly a pilot in the United States Air Force, gains superpowers when she encounters a Kree alien named Mar-Vell. Some of the powers that Danvers get include a more formidable body, super strength and speed, and the ability to fly.

She can also shoot energy bullets from his hands. His body is so tough that he can be in outer space without the aid of any tools or explore the Quantul Realm, which allows him to travel to the past.

Captain Marvel

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Superman Power

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Avengers Infinity War Cover

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Spiderman Lego

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Human as Superhero

In conclusion, the figure of a superhero is a human. Sometimes both the shortcomings and incompetence that are owned by individuals are often considered or judged as something that is an absolute deficiency and cannot be compromised. It is as if the individual has been drowned by his shortcomings, but on the other hand, there are actually advantages that he has that he may not have found.

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Superheroes are characters that describe if humans have the will and continue to strive to hone their abilities, then there is nothing that humans cannot achieve such as the above term “the sky is still the sky” or “what humans achieve, other humans can achieve it”.

Superhero also illustrates the importance of the relationship between each other as fellow superheroes need each other, work hand in hand, work together, unite for a purpose despite different backgrounds. Consciously or unconsciously, this is what the author observes is the increasing scarcity of superhero figures in human persons today where more and more humans are only busy paying attention to themselves rather than helping or helping others.

Hopefully, with the increasing number of superhero films, it can foster a sense of care for others and of course it is hoped that it will also encourage Indonesian filmmakers to play a role in introducing Indonesian superhero figures to be known by the world.

I am Superhero

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The Incredibles Jack-Jack

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Swords Girl

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Superman Super Hero Flying

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Marvel Superhero in Chirstmas

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Female Superhero

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Wonder Woman Superhero

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You Can Be A Superhero

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Super Minions of Superman

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Crazy and Rage Mode of Hulk

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Super BatGirl

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Super Hero High Katana

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Fathers Day Card You Are My Superhero

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Transmission of Superman

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Marvel Superheroes Squad Lego

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Super Jesus Clip Art

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