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Collection of Rapunzel from Disney Tangled Sketches

For Disney fans, you must be familiar with the Tangled movie. For those of you who don’t know, Disney’s Tangled film tells the story of Rapunzel, a girl with super long hair who for 18 years was imprisoned in a Tower under the pressure of Mother Gothel; none other than the person who kidnapped him.

Rapunzel’s long hair has magical powers and Mother Gothel uses Rapunzel’s hair to keep her beautiful and youthful.

Collection of Rapunzel from Disney Tangled Sketches

The Awesome of Rapunzel

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Rapunzel and Chameleon

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Kids are Playing with The Hair of rapunzel

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Disney Tangled Princess, Prince, and Horse

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Benefit of Telling a Story to Kid

Do you know? Storytelling is not only beneficial for toddlers, but also school-age children, you know. Storytelling can be a fun way to support children’s growth and development, especially to stimulate language skills and several types of multiple intelligences. Here are some benefits

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1. Develop language intelligence Your little one will learn a lot of new vocabulary, phrases, and sentences from stories that Mom or Dad read. This is useful for practicing communication skills with other people.

2. Sharpen memory sharpness Through stories, your little one will practice remembering characters, storylines, places, and so on. After the storytelling, Mother or Father can try to ask the story again or ask the Little One to retell it.

3. Practice concentration When listening to a fairy tale that Mom or Dad tells, your little one will learn to focus his attention and concentrate on the story so that he can understand its contents.

4. Opening up new insights The stories that Mom and Dad tell will open up the Little One’s knowledge about various cultures and new thoughts. Later the Little One will also become an open-minded or open-minded person. An open mind to new insights is not only good for a child’s growth and development, but is also beneficial for him into adulthood.

5. Supports imagination Many fairy tales contain imaginative elements and this is good for the development of your child’s imagination and creativity. He may also be challenged to do or make something like in the story as a form of developing his visual-spatial intelligence.

Chameleon on the hand of Rapunzel

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Rapunzel with  A Crown

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Rapunzel With hair Ornament

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Playing with her pet

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Disney Poster of Tangled

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Rapunzel Tangled Hint with Her Pet

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Ready to fight with the prince

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Rapunzel in Beautiful Pose

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Coloring for Kids

Firstly, did you know that some children enjoy coloring activities, through coloring they can express the various imaginations that are in their heads. Then, please note that learning to color has many benefits for your little one, let’s look at it further.

1. Develop Motor Ability
Coloring activities can help improve hand muscle work in children. These motor skills are very important in child development, such as typing, lifting objects.

2. As a Media of Expression
Coloring activities, especially coloring empty fields, are a way for your little one to express his feelings. Through the pictures he made, he could see what he was feeling, whether it was a feeling of joy or a feeling of sadness.

3. Recognizing Color Differences
Lastly, coloring children’s activities usually using colored pencils or crayons can help children recognize colors, children can distinguish colors from one another.  Therefore, this can also make it easier for children to combine colors so that it helps children to continue to be creative.

Tangled Coloring

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Little Rapunzel

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The Princess Cut Her Hair

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Rapunzel From Disney Tangled

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Prince and Princess on the boat

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Rapunzel Ready to Go

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Parent of Rapunzel and Baby Rapunzel

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Chameleon and The Princess

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Finally, we hope you enjoy with us. Then, Enjoy!