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Summary of Warrior Cat Coloring Pages Ideas

Warrior cat is a series of novels about adventure and drama. There are various clans of feral cats. This series takes place in fictional locations, which were White Hart Wood and Sanctuary Lake.

The authors of this novel were Erin Hunter and Dan Jolley. The series contain Into the Wild (2003), Fire and Ice (2003), Forest of Secrets (2003), Starlight (2004), A Dangerous Path (2004), and The Darkest Hour (2004). All series are in the category of young adult fiction.

So, here is some information about this Warrior Cats series.

1. Summary

There were five original warrior clans, which were ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. They are well-trained cats to hunt and fight. They support their clan’s food, water, and safety. So they make sure that all clans are well-fed and safe.

For generations, those clans grow together and share forests. But in the following years, some dangers happen. The ShadowClan was growing stronger every while the ThunderClan was in danger. Another issue came when Noble warriors were dying.

2. Terminology

Those clans defined specific terminology for almost everything. For example, they call humans Twolegs, Human towns as Twolegplace, etc. roads as thunder path, cars as monsters, etc.

All Clans spoke in catspeak, while fox spoke in foxspeak, etc. 

3. Beliefs

They believed in good and bad characters. Once a good cat died, its spirit went up to a place called StarClan. Otherwise, if the bad ones died, their spirit went to the Dark Forest. This was the place where no stars could be found.

In this novel, all Clans were told to live near a town. But when humans found and invented the territory, they moved around a Lake (Sanctuary Lake). There was a mountain that separated the two territories.

The fans of this series are uncountable and their imagination is beyond average. Are you one of the Warrior’s fans? Let’s try warrior cat coloring pages

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Warrior Cat Coloring Pages Gallery

Manga Style Lineart Coloring Sheets

manga style lineart theres a little bit of shading but you
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Nails Warrior Cat Coloring Pages Fun For Kids

nails warrior cat coloring pages fun for kids
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The Kittens Warrior Cat Coloring Pages

warrior cat coloring pages kits
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Printable Warrior Cat Coloring Pages

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Warrior Cat Drawing Outline For Teenagers

warrior cat drawing outline friwm warrior cats coloring
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Warrior Cats Coloring Pages New

warrior cats coloring pages coloring sheets
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Free Warrior Cats Coloring Pages To Print

free warrior cats coloring pages to print enjoy coloring
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Two Warrior Cats Printable Coloring Pages

warrior cats printable coloring pages warrior cat coloring
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Cute Warrior Cats Coloring Page To Download

cute warrior warrior cats cat coloring page warrior
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Warrior Cat Couple Coloring Pages

warrior cat couple coloring pages warriors cats drawing at
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Coloring Pages Of Warrior Cats For Free

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Printable Warrior Cat Coloring Pages

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Free Warriors Cat Coloring Pages To Download

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Fabulous Warrior Cat Coloring Pages Photo

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Easy Warrior Cat Coloring Pages

warrior cats coloring warrior cat coloring pages to easy
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Warrior Cats Coloring Pages For Kids

warrior cats coloring pages with warrior cat coloring pages
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High-Quality Warrior Cats Clan Coloring Pages

warrior cats clan coloring pages high quality coloring
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Free Pdf Cat Coloring Page To Download

cat coloring page 9 free pdf jpg format download free
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Warrior Cat Coloring Pages To Print

warrior cat coloring pages to print coloring home
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Warrior Cats Printable Coloring Pages

warrior cats printable coloring pages warrior cats coloring
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