Hippo and Baby Hippo in Some Poses for Coloring

The hippopotamus has a large, heavy body and dark gray skin. They also have large tusks that they use to defend themselves from predators. The hippopotamus is characterized by a large body, a very large mouth and teeth, four short and fat legs, and an almost hairless body. Adult hippos weigh from 1.5 to 3 tons. Despite their large stature and short legs, hippos are capable of running fast. For short distances, they are able to run as fast as 30 km / h, faster than the speed of humans running in general. The hippopotamus has an aggressive disposition and is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

They live in and near freshwaters, such as lakes and rivers. There are approximately 125,000 to 150,000 hippos in Africa, and the most are in Zambia and Tanzania. The hippopotamus is also a popular animal in zoos. Threats to hippos include habitat loss and poaching. Hippos are hunted for their meat and fangs.

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Hippo and Baby Hippo in Some Poses for Coloring

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Baby Face Giraffe

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Animal Little Happy Hippo

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A Couple of Dears

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Mommy Hippo and Baby

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Big old Hippo

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Sketching Baby Hippo

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Three Fun Facts About Hippopotamus

Water is the most favored place for hippos, so bathing is an activity that this animal cannot leave behind. Hippos are able to soak in water for 16 hours a day, this means that more than half a day hippos can linger in the water. It turns out that the function of bathing for the hippopotamus is to regulate the body temperature of this large animal so it doesn’t overheat.

Another interesting fact about hippos is that these animals do not have sweat glands. As is known sweat glands function to regulate body temperature in order to secrete sweat. So, because they don’t have sweat glands, the effect is that hippos are prone to dehydration. So when hippos come out of a puddle on a hot day, they will be highly dehydrated.

However, even though they do not have sweat glands, hippopotamus skin still secretes a natural sunscreen substance, namely a red liquid. This fluid has the same function as the sweat of other animals. This liquid also provides a natural sunscreen effect for the hippopotamus. But still, if hippos linger outside the water, their skin will look cracked.

In contrast to mammals in general, hippos have a different diet, namely eating at night. This is because the night is the right time for this one animal to fill its stomach after soaking in the water. These animals only come out to look for grass when the dusk is over. Every night, hippos can even eat grass up to 36 kilograms.

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Old Hippo and Baloon

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Open Mouth in Hippo

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Happy Outlined Cute Baby Hippo

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Criying Hippo

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Cute Squirel

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Hippo and Baby Hippo Under Three

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Hippo Outline Running

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Mommy Hippo and Baby in Swamp

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Baby Hippo and Bird

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Animal Little Hippo

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Patterned Hippo Flower

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Hippopotamus and Cute Bird

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Hippopotamus in Sketch

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Hh for Hippopotamus

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Cute Baby Hippo Character

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Hippopotamus in Swamp

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Colored Hippo

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Powerful of Hippo and Baby

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We hope you enjoy yourself with us. Hippo sometimes is a cute animal, you find it in the zoo or in this post, just pick your most favorite!

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