Printable Bumblebee Coloring Pages

Printable Bumblebee Coloring Pages. Here is Bumblebee Coloring Pages Collection for you.

Bumblebee is one of the most popular members of Autobots. Furthermore, this yellow robot plays an important role in the Transformer movie. Besides, he also successfully have his own movie spin-off. If you want to know more about him then this is the right opportunity. On this page, we provided you with numerous BumbleBee coloring pages for your entertainment. Other than that, we also provide you with numerous cool facts on BumbleBee. Hope this can serve your interest and love for your favorite character.

Cool Facts on BumbleBee

Bumblebee’s forms

If you only watch the Michael Bay version. You may not notice that Bumblebee has other versions than Yellow Chevy Camaro. In fact, the most popular Bumblebee version is the Yellow Beetle version. You may watch this version in his spin-off and the animated Transformers. In addition, he also transformed into Supermini Police Car, Suzuki Swift Sport in other versions.

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The Leader of Autobot

In the live-action movie or other version transformers, Optimus Prime is shown as the leader of the Autobots. However, not all the time, Optimus Prime is available. In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Optimus Prime was dead and replaced by Bumblebee. In a Michael Bay version, we also saw Bumblebee as a leader of Autobots when Optimus explores space to find seed.

Who Broke Bumblebee’s voice?

In the first movie of Michael Bay’s transformers, we saw Bumblebee who can’t speak like the other Autobots. Moreover, some fans were curious about the reason for this. But, from the Bumblebee movie, we could know that he broke his voice box after being attacked by one of the Decepticons, Blitzwing. Other than that, a comic titled Transformers: Movie Prequel shows that Megatron was the one who destroyed Bumblebee’s voice box.

Bumblebee Coloring Pages Collection

Michael Bay’s Bumblebee Coloring Page

bumblebee coloring pages bumble bee pictures to color
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Bumblebee Movie Coloring Page

bumblebee movie official coloring activity and papercraft
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Bumble Bee Saving a Girl

transformers prime coloring pages bumblebee bumblebee car
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Transformers Rescue Bot Coloring Page

transformers rescue bots pages bumblebee kizi free
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Bumblebee Transformer Car Coloring Pages

bumblebee transformer car coloring pages
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Optimus Prime Coloring Page

transformers coloring pages bumblebee superfresco
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Bumblebee in Action Coloring Page

803 bumblebee free clipart 4
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Bumblebee on Transformers Prime

transformers coloring pages bumblebee google search
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Optimus Prime from Transformers

transformers prime coloring pages bumblebee jarvis varnado
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Bumblebee The Yellow Beetle

bumblebee coloring page free printable coloring pages for kids
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Bumblebee The VW Beetle

bumblebee transformers coloring page bee coloring pages
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Bumblebee From The Movie Version

bumblebee boys free printable coloring pages for girls and boys
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Megatron The Decepticon Coloring Page

transformer bumblebee coloring pages noticiasdemexico
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Bumblebee Animation Coloring Page

color pages transformersumblebee coloring pages grimlock
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Bumblebee The Autobot Coloring Page

jarvis varnado transformers coloring pages bumblebee
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Bumblebee on Movie Coloring Page

bumblebee coloring page pages free bumble bee zeirclub
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Transformers Bumblebee Coloring Page

transformers bumblebee coloring page transformer coloring
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Transformers and Bumblebee Coloring Page

transformers prime coloring pages bumblebee bumblebee head
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Bumblebee Transformers Coloring Page

bumblebee transformer coloring pages printable clipart
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At last, we hope you enjoy our Bumblebee coloring pages. In addition, you can get more wonderful coloring pages on our homepage.

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