Holy Christian for Coloring Ideas

Since the Roman era until today, Christianity is the religion with the most followers in the world. Islam is at number two followed by Hinduism. This is in accordance with the results of research from the Pew Organization where Christians are the largest with more than 2.2 billion.

Christianity itself is a religion with a strong adherent base in South America, Eastern Europe, North America, West Africa, Western Europe and Australia / Pacific. However, the number of Christians has declined drastically in Western Europe, where Islam, atheism and agnostics are growing very rapidly. In fact, in China, Korea and Africa the number of people who are members of the Christian church is increasing very quickly. In fact, in those places, Christianity was widely suppressed.

Holy Christian for Coloring Ideas

Frame of Holy Quote

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Bible Quote from Matthew

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Beauty Flowers in A Frame

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Printable Religious Christian Quote

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What Christian Teach Us and Where Does it From?

Christianity is a monotheistic religion, which only believes in and worships one God. However, it is very different from Islam where Allah never came down to meet humans directly, in Christianity, Yahweh / Father is reincarnated in human form called Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ came to earth and then died so that those who believe and follow him will no longer perish in hell. It was the teachings of Jesus and his apostles that later became the basic foundation for Christian belief. So Christians believe Jesus is God and died to atone for their sins. Christians also practice love as Jesus did.

If you think Christianity is a western/American religion, you are wrong. Because of the fact that Christianity came from Arabia, namely Palestine. The Christian Jesus as the central figure in Christianity is a Jew who was born in Bethlehem, Israel. While the area was in the Arab-Syrian region which was an area of ​​Roman rule.

God Blesses Us in A Cross

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The Lord God is Mercy

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Food, Cross, and Order in Christian

Unlike Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam, Christians are allowed to eat any kind of meat because in the Bible it is written that it is not what they eat that makes them haram, but spicy words that come out of their mouths, such as disbelief, accusations, slander, and harm.

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Even so, there are some Christian sects that do not allow their followers to consume pork or wine. Adventists are even famous for their vegetarian lifestyle.

Many people still think that Christianity adheres to the teachings of sex without rules. Obviously that was a big mistake. It is true that people in Europe and America adhere to this, but philosophically and fundamentally, the teachings of the Bible never support it or even oppose it.

Christmas also does not have to be celebrated with drunkenness. Even in some countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, or areas with a large number of Christian minorities, Christmas is not celebrated on a large scale.

Some time ago, there was an uproar about the statement of another religious figure about the cross. It must be admitted that this symbol is identical with Christianity.

But in history, there are many other symbols whose use is also important, such as fish, bread, wine cups, the eastern star, to the Greek letters Alpha-Omega.

Religious Quote From Jhon Verses

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Two Doodles Art For Christian

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Love Joy in God’s Heaven

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Jesus and The Bible

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Awake My Soul

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Big Joy Letter

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We Love Because He Loved First

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Quote in Bunch of Fruit

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Flower in Grace

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You are Altogather

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Jesus Strength for Us

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Biblical Pray

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Bible Verse Quote

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God Is Good All The Time A Christian

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