Coloring Pages of Batman and His Weapons Idea

Batman is a popular DC Comic character all over the world. And we almost cannot count all the fans out there. If you are curious enough about how to draw this character, learn the following tutorials.

These tutorials are for beginners, so everyone is able to follow and learn. Put your drawing and sharpen your pencil. We are going to start.

1. Draw the Torso and Legs

This tutorial teaches you how to draw a Batman from ¾ angle. All body parts will follow this perspective. First, draw a horizontal curve line. Make it across the torso so the pectoral muscles and the lower torso are separated. Second, draw a vertical line, starting from the top to the bottom of the torso. Third, draw the hips with some sort of male underwear.

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After drawing the torso is completed, it turns to draw the legs. First, draw two big tubes as the thighs. Make sure they look thinner at the knees.

2. Draw the Arms and the Head

In this perspective, the right arm can be seen in full view, while the left one is slightly hidden. First, draw the arms according to their perspective. Second, draw the egg-shaped sphere as the right shoulder and a rectangle as the left one. Third, draw the tubes (contains a narrow and wide part) as the forearms. Fourth, the hand is clenched.

For the head, draw two lines as Batman’s neck. Draw a sphere as the head. Remember that it should look ¾.

3. Draw the Cape and Weapons

A cape comes from drawing long fluid lines. The neck and upper arms are covered by a cape. Next, draw two spikes on Batman’s head as they are his image. And a little above his hip area, draw a belt.

If you cannot follow these instructions and prefer coloring to draw, it is okay. Just search for free printable coloring pages batman.

Coloring Pages Batman Collection

Free Printable Batman Coloring Pages For Kids

free printable batman coloring pages for kids coloringguru
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Top Batman Symbol Coloring Pages for Adults

top 53 top notch batman symbol coloring pages pegasus
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New Printable Batman Coloring Pages

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Free Pictures Of Batman To Color and Download

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Free Printable Lego Batman Coloring Pages

lego batman coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Batman The Dark Knight for Children’s Coloring Pages

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Batman the Dark Knight Rises Coloring Pages To Print

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3D Batman Coloring Page for Adults

batman coloring page 33 batman coloring pages big bang fish
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Free Printable Batman Coloring Page Batman for Kids

batman printables free printable coloring page batman
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Batman in Action Coloring Pages

batman coloring pages batmanloring pages free printable jpg
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Free Printable Batman VS Spiderman Coloring Pages

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Free Lego Batman Pictures To Color for Beginners

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Unique Lego Batman Coloring Page

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Batman with His Weapons Coloring Pages Comic Book

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Batman Running over the Moon Coloring Pages

batman running coloring pages hellokids
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Luxury Batman Coloring Pages for Beginner

batman coloring pages luxury batmanloring page about
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New Batman Coloring Pages Complete Characters

new batman coloring pages batmo
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Free Batman in Action Coloring Pages

batman coloring pages free coloring pages
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Batman VS Iron Man Coloring Pages Pdf for Free

batman coloring pages pdf at getdrawings free for
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Batman Coloring Page for DC Comic Fans

batman 041 coloring page
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We hope you enjoy with us.

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