Dairy Cow and Farmland For Coloring

Cows are raised mainly for the use of milk and meat as human food. By-products such as skin, offal, horns, and feces are also used for various human purposes. In a number of places, cows are also used as a means of transportation, cultivation of planting land, and other industrial tools. Because of these many uses, cows have been part of various human cultures for a long time.

Humans raise cows to take their products and use their energy. Based on the benefits taken, domesticated cattle can be classified into beef cattle, dairy cattle, and working cows. Usually, certain breeds of cattle tend to be used for certain things, for example, limousine cattle are beef cattle, while Holstein cattle are dairy cows. In addition to meat and milk, cow’s body parts that have economic value are the skin, horns, and feces.

Dairy Cow and Farmland For Coloring

Black and White Cow

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Big Mother of Cow

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Farmland and Cow

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Farm Craft Cow and Thorn

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Cow Eats Grain Stem

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Wonderful Cow

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Dairy Cow and Farming Land

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Cow Coloring Sheet

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Three Facts About Cow

1. 9 Months Pregnant Cow
It turns out to be the same as humans, yes, guys. If the child to be born is a male, then the gestation period will be slightly longer than the cow that is pregnant with a female child. Generally, the length of pregnancy ranges from 279 – 287 days. On average, on the 283th day, the baby is born.

2. Cows Like Classical Music
Known as animals who like calm, the next interesting fact is that cows are lovers of classical music. Especially the type of dairy.

Cows prefer soft and soothing music, which is why these animals like classical and traditional music. In contrast to jazz music with its musical character which tends to be rebellious and complicated, because it can make cows stressed. If cows are stressed, milk production will decrease. Meanwhile, when he is happy and calm, he will produce more.

3. Cows Can See 360 ​​Degrees
Unlike humans who can only see things within a 180-degree range, cows can see up to 360 degrees. Their eyes are located on the sides of their heads, so they can provide a range of view of more than 300 degrees. This can make it easier for him to see predators, unless the predator is in the cow’s blind spot, which is its hindquarters.

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However, when cows crouch or graze, they can see almost 360 degrees. Meanwhile, when they stand up, they have a blind spot on the back of their body. So, if you want to herd a cow, from behind, not from the side, you might be rammed because you are considered a predator. Hihihi.

Cute Cartoon Cow and Sun

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Dairy Cow in Big Picture

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Mommy Cow and The Kids

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Two Big Cows in Farm

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Simple Cartoon Coloring

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Ways introducing Animal to Kids

Books are indeed the most appropriate medium to teach various things to your little one. Moreover, now books are also starting to vary with various colors and shapes. For example, right now, there is a pop-up book trend, so your little one will enjoy reading even more because the animals from these books seem to pop out of the book.

Mothers also don’t forget to tell stories about the habitats of certain animals, their characteristics, their lifestyle, their food, the moral messages in them, so that the little one also gets an insightful picture regarding animal life.

Taking your little one to the zoo will be an unforgettable thing for him. Especially if the parents previously introduced the names of the animals first. Your little one will be very surprised how big the elephant is and how tall the giraffe is.

In addition, going to the zoo can also be a place of recreation for the family and relieve fatigue after a week of work. It would be more interesting if your little one could also give food to tame animals at the same time. However, make sure that it is according to the zoo’s rules

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Moms and dads can spend quality and playtime playing the role of animals. For example, usually the father will be the horse so the little one can ride on his shoulders. Or it could be a group of fish swimming on the bed while waiting for the little one to sleep.

The boys usually like to be a variety of dinosaurs and ask their mother and father to become animals that are ready to be eaten like deer or even giraffes. Playing this role is also very fun to play when the lights go out, it will be a bonding time for the family while making animal shapes with their hands and makeshift lights.

Big and Small Cow

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Cow With Calf

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Portraits Sturdy Cow

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Cow and Ringbell

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Farm Animal and Cow

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Cartoon Ugly Cow

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Cow from Construction of Dots

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