Many Crayons Ready To Be Colored!

Crayons are drawing tools made of colored wax, water, and talc or chalk. Crayons are widely used by children for drawing, and artists also use them. Furthermore, Crayon is the easiest type of coloring tool to use. Because Crayon is specially created for children. There are 2 crayons (types) namely Oil pastel and Wax. Oil Pastel Crayons are crayons made from a mixture of oil and coloring powder, while Wax Crayons are crayons made from a mixture of wax and coloring powder. Both types of crayons have advantages and disadvantages. Oil pastels are not too hard and not too slippery, while waxes are hard and slippery.

If we look back at the history of crayons, before crayons were created, artists preferred to use oil and acrylic paints as paints for painting. However, they find it difficult when socializing with children because the materials used are materials that are harmful to health and not friendly to the environment.

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Many Crayons Ready To Be Colored!

Two Crayons Clipart

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Seven Crayons in A Box

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Four Pencils Colors

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Oil Pastel Vs Crayon, Which one is The best?

1. Paint Making Material
Crayons are paints made of wax, while oil pastels are made of wax and oil. What makes them similar is that they are both made of wax. However, the oil content in oil pastels makes the difference between the two even more clear.

2. Texture
Crayons have a hard texture, so if they are used for coloring it will be difficult to produce a smooth image and leave small parts that are not exposed to paint. While oil pastels have a soft and oily texture, the resulting images are even better, smoother, and easy to stick to the paper used.

3. Color
The colors produced by crayons are softer, while the colors produced by oil pastels are lighter and brighter. If you want to color with variations in color gradations, then we recommend using oil pastel paints which are easier to mix than crayons. So that the images look more alive.

4. Image Media
Crayons are widely used on paper, this is because they are difficult to apply to other drawing media. Meanwhile, oil pastels can be applied to image media such as paper, wood, stone, glass, metal, or canvas.

Box Crayons Colors

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School Color Crayons Classes

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Tricks and Tips To Invite Kids to do A coloring

It is better for parents to choose interesting and funny drawing equipment. Maybe parents can involve their children to choose their own drawing books, colored pencils, or crayons so that they are even more enthusiastic about learning. Also choose drawing tools that are appropriate for the child’s age, such as non-toxic crayons for early childhood or colored pencils with triangular grips so that their writing skills can develop.

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To further hone the child’s ability in terms of drawing and coloring, parents can teach it by choosing a simple drawing concept first. For example, by introducing him to the shape of a box, circle or triangle. Parents can guide their child’s hands to draw together, after a bit of proficient, then ask him to draw by himself. And keep in mind that parents must always be patient in teaching him so that he is not afraid and can still concentrate and always motivates the child so that he is more challenged to make better pictures.

The imagination ability possessed by the child about various things sometimes makes him happy to apply various colors to the images he makes. This is actually not wrong, but parents also have to direct the baby to learn to color according to the natural surroundings so that the colors given can be more in line with the objects he draws. Therefore, parents can start teaching colors to their children with small things such as objects around the house. For example, you can tell that the flowers in your home garden are red or that your pet cat is brown and so on.

Catty Cat

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Hair Girl Holding Crayon

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Crayola Crayon

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Four Coloring Crayons

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Three Crayons Colors Pattern

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Coloring Book With Crayons

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Crayons in Box Crayon

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Kindergarten Kids Toys Crayons

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Eight Coloring Crayons

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Crayons Education School

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One Black and Five White Crayons

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Box Crayon Consist of Eight Crayons

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Two Horizontal Crayons

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Manitas PresaLibre Crayon

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Green and Brown Crayons

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