Best Collection of Awesome and Cute Sea Otter 

Best Collection of Awesome and Cute Sea Otter

This is about cute otter best collection coloring pages picture for children coloring activity.

The sea otter is one of the smallest marine mammals, but a member of the family Mustelidae, the group that includes skunks and civets. Adult males reach an average length of 1.4 meters and weigh 45 kg, while females are 1.2 meters and weigh 20 kg.

Beavers have an elongated body, a convex snout, and a small, broad head. These animals rely on a good sense of smell, taste, sight, and touch below the surface of the sea.

The extreme marine environment is a challenge that is no longer difficult. Various kinds of body adaptations are carried out through long whiskers as a detector of cloudy water, and sensitive claws that can help hunt prey.

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While underwater, the nostrils and ears can be closed. The hind legs have fin-like membranes to help propel the body through the water. In addition, the tail is long and flat as additional locomotion. Its teeth are unique among other mammals, because even though they are blunt, they are still destructive.

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Coloring Sea Queen Mermaid And Otter

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Sea Otter Food

An otter must consume about 25% of its body weight to stay alive. Sea otters consume 50 species of invertebrates, including sea urchins, crabs, mussels, clams, sea slugs, sea worms, starfish and squid. Hunting is usually carried out at a depth of 18 meters, but can dive 90 meters.

The powerful forelegs are used to find and catch prey. A skin pouch under each forelegs is used to store collected prey. Stones are often used as tools to repel prey and open the tough outer skin on some prey.

Coloring Otter grabs the shell

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Cute Baby Otter Coloring Collection

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Coloring Three otters on the water

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Sea ​​Otter behavior

Most of its life is spent at sea, although it does come ashore at times. In fact, eat, sleep, mate, and give birth in the water. This relatively slow swimmer only goes at a speed of 5 to 8 km / h. As the male competes for the female, the beaver turns its belly sideways and wiggles its entire body to move faster.

Apparently, sea otters have two broad pouches under each armpit, folks. The pouch under the sea otter’s armpit serves as a receptacle for the food it collects during underwater hunting.

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Well, the sea otter’s favorite stone is also stored in that bag, friends. Later when he came to the surface, he would swim with his back to the water and put a stone on his stomach to open the shell. Sometimes it also pulls over to smack its hard shell of food against the rock on the edge.

Coloring Baby Otter and A bottle of milk

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Mother Otter Looks At Her Kid Coloring Pages

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Coloring Lone Otter

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Two Sea Otter in the water coloring pages

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Otter and shells Coloring Collection

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Hairy Nosed Otter Coloring Idea

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Two Awesome Sea Otter Coloring Picture

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Coloring Old Sea Otter on the water

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Big other alone Printable Sheet

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Coloring Otter’s Activity on the water

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Three Cute Otters Coloring Pages

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River Otter Coloring Idea

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Simple Baby Otter Coloring Collection

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Coloring Six Otters Besides the river

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Realistic River Otter Coloring Pages

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You can download and print those coloring pictures of sea otter for free. Just enjoy your coloring activity with your children.

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