Get Bible Lessons from David And Goliath Worksheets

Get Free Bible Lesson from David And Goliath Worksheets – Teach your kids more about The Story of David and Goliath through the worksheets below.

Through story and narrative, kids will understand more about the morals and values of the world. For instance, David and Goliath can introduce them to courage, faith commitment, etc. However, sometimes meaning behind the narrative isn’t that easy to convey. Thus, the worksheets below can help you in emphasizing the morals and values from the Bible Story of David and Goliath. In addition, we also add tips on how you can use the worksheets. Hope this worksheets collection is able to improve your kids’ knowledge of David and Goliath’s story.

A Glance from Our David and Goliath Worksheets Collection

Know More about Some Elements of the Story

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Each element from David and Goliath’s story symbolizes its own meaning. For instance, the sling and stone mean God’s blessing to David. Meanwhile, Goliath’s sword means human pride. Therefore, the story between God and David implies the conflict between God’s almighty power and human pride. Other than that, other elements are conveyed on sheets below too. So, you can interpret one by one to your kids.

Engage in a Little Puzzle

A story can be a little boring for active kids. Thus, you can also ask them to involve in some games that can engage them for a little bit. There are games for tracing, maze, coloring, and many others. Thus, just pick one suitable for kids and print.

Involve Them in the Story

Don’t just let your kids become hearers. You need to involve them in the story. So, you can make your own role-play for that purpose. Moreover, we can help you to do that. Below, there are flashcards in our David and Goliath Worksheets. Firstly, you can ask a kid who got David’s flashcard to play as David and a kid who get Saul’s Flashcard to become Saul, etc. Then, you can order them to play a little drama.

David And Goliath Worksheets Collection

David Goliath Flashcards

david goliath activity book kids ages 3 5 bible
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David Goliath Bible Activity Book Collection

david goliath bible activity book bible activities for
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David’s Sling: Color and Trace Activity

david goliath bible story activity book david
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David and Goliath Story with Pictures

pin on sunday school preschool
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David Goliath Activity Pages Collection

david goliath activity book freebie teaching resources
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David And Goliath Interactive Worksheet: Match the Correct One

david and goliath interactive worksheet
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Bible Lesson, David And Goliath, Activity Maze

bible lesson activity maze david and goliath con
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David Goliath Simple Maze for Kids

david goliath maze bible story activity book david
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High Differences Between David and Goliath

free christian coloring pages for kids warren camp
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David Worksheet: Letter Tracing

david goliath copy and coloring page bible lessons for
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Sins Symbolized on Philistine Warriors

david and goliath coloring david and goliath worksheets
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Samuel Anoints David Worksheet

david goliath worksheet bible story activity book
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Cut and Stick Activity in Sunday School

how big was goliaths foot david and goliath messy
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David and Goliath Coloring Page

activities david and goliath bible coloring pages
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Free Collection Cover of David and Goliath Worksheet

152 best images about bible david on pinterest 1 samuel
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David and Goliath Cartoon Caricature

pin on david and goliath preschool bible lesson and activities
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Samuel Drawing Page

104 best david and goliath images on pinterest
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David’ Sling: Cut and Stick Activity

david and goliath sunday school lesson activities fun365
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David and Goliath Words Maze

pin on ideas crafts for kids
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At last, we hope your kids can get to know more about David and Goliath trough our worksheets.

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