Doctor’s Activities for Coloring

Firstly, a doctor is someone who because of his knowledge tries to heal people who are sick. Then, not everyone who cures disease can be called a doctor. After thta, to become a doctor usually requires special education and training and has a degree in medicine.

Doctors are in charge of treating and preventing the recurrence of the disease. So, doctors will carry out examinations, treatment and medical care on patients with medical knowledge and a sense of humanity. Doctors also provide health consultations, so they don’t just take care of sick people.

Doctor’s Activities for Coloring

Kid Women Doctor

kid women doctor coloring sheet printable doctor day
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Smiling Doctor

smiling doctor coloring page free printable pdf from
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Doctor Day Cartoon

doctor coloring sheet printable doctor day cartoon
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Doctor Hospital and Kid

doctor hospital coloring page 07 coloring page free
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Man Doctor

man doctor coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Woman Doctor

woman doctor coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Sick Teddy and A doctor

free coloring pages printable doctors coloring pages
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4 Rights of A Doctor

1. Performing Health Checks on Patients
The most important task of a doctor is to carry out health checks on patients who come to them in order to obtain a diagnosis of the disease experienced by the patient.

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2. Interviewing and Providing Consultation Services to Patients
A doctor is also authorized to interview patients and provide consulting services regarding health problems needed by their patients, either before or after medical examinations and procedures.

3. Take the necessary medical measures
A doctor is a person who has the authority to take necessary medical actions for the patients he treats according to the health needs of the patient.

4. Writing Drug Prescriptions and Medical Devices
Prescription drugs given to sick patients is also one of the powers that can be done by a doctor. Doctors have the obligation and authority to prescribe drugs according to patient needs. If he treats in a remote area with minimal availability of medicine and medical personnel, the doctor also has the authority to formulate the prescription.


Consultation Phase

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Old Doctor

doctor kizi free coloring pages for children coloring
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Additional Jobs As A Doctor

1. Refer the patient to another doctor
Firstly, another duty of the doctor is that he is obliged to give referrals to the patient or refer the patient to another expert doctor who specializes in the patient’s disease if he is unable to handle the patient’s illness who comes to him.

2. Performing Emergency Aid
In an emergency situation or situation, a doctor is also obliged to provide assistance to people who need medical assistance on a humanitarian basis if he is able to provide such medical assistance.

3. Keep the patient’s medical history confidential
A doctor also has an obligation to keep the patient’s medical history confidential from other people or the general public even anyone who is not allowed by the patient to know his medical history. This also applies even after the patient dies.

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4. Issuing a Doctor’s Certificate
The doctor is also the only person authorized to issue or issue a doctor’s certificate in accordance with the patient’s health condition for the patient’s needs.

5. Storing Medicine
Lastly, a doctor also has the authority to store drugs for medical needs in accordance with the type of drug and the amount allowed.

Checking The Patient

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Funny Doctor Kids

funny doctor kids coloring pages stock illustration
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Kid Is A Doctor

kid is a doctor coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Injection from Doctor

free a doctor coloring page download free clip art free
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Checking The Kid Through Stetoscope

doctor coloring page pediatrician printable image
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Beauty Lady Doctor

53 most skookum best of doctor coloring pages printable
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Old and Glasses Doctor

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Medical Doctor

doctor coloring pages pictures coloring page doctor coloring
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Check The Patient’s Tongue

free printable coloring image doctor hospital coloring page
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Doctor Checking Up A Child In Community Helper

doctor checking up a child in community helper coloring
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Doctor’s Stuffs

doctor coloring pages for preschool at getdrawings
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