Lovable Dolphins and Gorgeous Dolphin

Dolphins are very intelligent marine mammals, besides the natural systems that complement their bodies are very complex. So many technologies are inspired by dolphins. They are also a symbol of mystical power and spirituality. Dolphins symbolize friends, happiness, social life, fun, contentment, change, innocence and adaptability.

Dolphins are mammals that live in the sea. Like whales, sharks, and dolphins, dolphins belong to the cetacean order. So dolphins are different from fish, huh. Dolphins do not breathe using gills like fish. Typical IQ of dolphins and some apes: 40-50 range. Higher than millions of humans. Scientists estimate his IQ in the range of 80-90 (above most of the human population on earth)

Lovable Dolphins and Gorgeous Dolphin

Winter The Dolphin Skiing

new coloring pages winter the dolphin skiing colouring
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Bottlenose Dolphins Reproduction

Bottlenose dolphins are gray in color which varies from dark gray on top near the dorsal fin to light gray whitish on the underside. This hue makes them difficult to see from above and below. Adult bottlenose dolphins are between 2 and 4 meters long and weigh from 150 to 650 kilograms.

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From the documentation, courtship and copulation behavior is often characterized by the appearance of an open mouth, posture s, erratic swimming patterns, and vocalizations. These interactions are important in developing social bonds between individuals, reducing stress, dealing with conflict, functioning as a form of play, and establishing dominance, regardless of age class or gender. Because of the importance of these interactions, sexual behavior is often carried out outside the context of reproduction. Well it turns out, for a dolphin, maturity is important, this is because the maturity age of each dolphin varies depending on the region and the existing population. Sexual maturity is not measured by age but by size. A female usually reaches sexual maturity when she has reached 85 – 95% of her average adult body length. It ranges from 7 – 12 years, depending on the population.

Given that dolphins are mammals, they will go through a period of pregnancy. The bottlenose dolphin’s gestation period is about 12 months, and dolphin calves are usually born tail first. Labor can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. At birth, bottlenose dolphin calves are about 3-4 feet long and 30-40 pounds in weight. They are born with a flat fin on the back, and a curved tail. The dorsal fin usually stands upright about 24-48 hours after birth, although it may wobble over the years.

Bottlenose Dolphins

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Dolphin and Bubbles

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Mom Dolphin and her kid

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Intelligence of Dolphin

Dolphins are widely known for their intelligence, grace, and friendliness to humans. One of the dolphin species that you will definitely meet often is the bottlenose or Tursiops truncatus and the common dolphin with the training name Delphinus delphis. This type of dolphin can be characterized by a mouth that always looks smiling. These intelligent animals have extraordinary hearing abilities.

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Dolphins communicate using a variety of sounds, including ultrasonic waves. Not many animals can hear ultrasonic waves like dolphins. This type of marine mammal has an extraordinary memory too. Dolphins are able to remember and recognize people easily. The bottlenose dolphin is the species that has the longest social memory. Even these animals are able to recognize reflections through several experiments. This shows that dolphins have a good level of self-awareness.

Love Form from Dolphins

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Fantasy Dolphin

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Two Dolphins in The Deep Ocean

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Dolphins Swiming in the sea

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Dolphins are jumping on the water

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Cute Dolphin Smiling

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Mother And Baby Dolphin

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Dolphin Jumps out of Water

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Flower pattern in Dolphins

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Barbie Mermaid and Dolphin

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Jumping Mermaid and Dolphin

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Mermaid With A Dolphin

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Maitland Dolphin

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Happy Dolphin in Sunny Day

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Cute Dolphin Looking at Us

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Adults Dolphin Lovers

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We hope you enjoy yourself with us. Dolphin is not just cute, but it is also a smart animal. However, you may choose and pick one of them. Therefore, you have to see all of them. Even though some of them are same, but have to choose of of them. At last, we would like to say thanks.

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