Collection of Adult and Baby Duck for Coloring

Ducks are one of the most recognizable types of poultry, to both beginners and experienced poultry watchers. However, even experienced birders or duck hunters may not know how unique these birds are. All types of ducks are part of the bird family Anatidae, which also includes swans and geese.

There are duck species found on every continent except Antarctica. Some species of duck, such as the mallard, are found in many places around the world, while others have very small and limited home ranges. Ducks in English are called ducklings and adult male ducks are called drakes. Adult female ducks are called hen or duck, and a group of ducks can be called raft and team. Common terms such as bird, duckling, and flock also apply to ducks.

A female duck will herd her chicks for half a mile or more to find a suitable water source for swimming and feeding. After hatching, the ducklings can immediately swim. It is not uncommon to see very small ducks swimming after their mothers.

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Collection of Adult and Baby Duck for Coloring

Rubber Duck Smiling

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Daisy Duck in Five Different Poses

daisy duck coloring page color pages bonzinhoclub
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Four Quacking Duck

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How to Introduce Animal to kids

Animals are God’s creatures that always attract the attention of children. Whether it’s wild animals like lions or pets like cats and dogs. These animals have their own charm in the eyes of children. So, are you wondering how to introduce animals to children? It’s not that hard, Moms. Moms can try these 5 activities to introduce animals to children.

Zoo or farm
Of course, nothing beats the sensation of touching and meeting animals in person for children. Zoos or farms are an exciting choice as a tourist destination that can be a means of introducing animals to children. However, because of a pandemic like now, it’s best to postpone it, Moms. As an alternative, you can take your little one around the residential area and identify with the animals that are found along the way. Don’t get me wrong, simple adventures like this can still be fun for your little one, Moms!

Animals are the main characters in many fables and children’s books that present stories and imaginations that appeal to children. When you read aloud animal-themed books, you not only help your child get to know different kinds of animals, but also foster a love for reading.

Drawing and coloring
Connecting the dots into animal shapes and then coloring them can train your little one’s fine motor and pre-writing abilities, as well as being a fun animal introduction activity.

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Baby Ducky

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Duck is Swiming on A Swamp

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Duck Family on the swamp

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Two baby Ducks and Mom of Duck

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Two Ducks in the Bowl

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Facts about duck

Male ducks have plumage similar to that of females after a breeding season of about a month when their new feathers grow. During the month, they are completely flightless and therefore more vulnerable to predators. Because of this, many drakes live in remote, isolated areas or flock together as a protection measure.

Most duck species are monogamous during the breeding season, but they usually don’t mate for life. Instead, they will look for a new mate every year, choosing the healthiest, strongest, and best mate that can help pass their genes on to a new generation of ducklings.

When building their nests, female ducks will coat the nest with fine feathers that they pull from their own breasts. This is to give their eggs the best possible cushioning and insulation, thus keeping the eggs warm more efficiently. Other duck nest materials include grass, mud, twigs, leaves, reeds, and other plant materials.

Ducks are omnivores, eat everything, and will eat grass, aquatic plants, insects, seeds, fruits, fish, nuts, crustaceans, and other types of food. Some ducks, such as the merganser, are more specialized in their dietary needs, but most types of duck can adapt well to a variety of food sources. This helps ensure they always have adequate nutrition and can often stay in the same range throughout the year when different foods are available.

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The duck’s beak is shaped to help it find food in the mud and filter food from the water. The hard part at the tip of the beak helps find food, while the lamellae — the comb-like structures on the sides of the beak — keep small insects and crustaceans out of the water.

Duck Catching the Fish

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Simple Sketch Ducky

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Seeing something awesome

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Baby Ducky and his friend

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Cute Baby Duck Swims on the water

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Adult Duck

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Searching for Fish

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Little Duck is Singing

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Happy Ducky

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Rubber Duck on the water

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Mommy of Duck

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Awesome duck beside the swamp plant

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