Final Consonant Deletion Worksheets for Kids Learning

Final Consonant Deletion Worksheets for Kids Learning – Improve Your Kids’ speech with worksheets from our page.

At the age of three years old, your child may still have trouble pronouncing the final consonant. For example, your kids say “Ca” and “mu”, instead of “Cat” and mouse”. Actually, this trouble is very natural. Moreover, it can be solved through training. For that purpose, we will help you with providing Final Consonant Deletion Worksheets to help your training. Moreover, we have some tips for solving your kids’ problems right before the worksheet. Thus, good luck with your learning.

Tips in Solving Final Consonant Deletion

Know the Trouble

Firstly, examine how your child speaks. Take a note of every word that has the deletion problem. On doing this, you may ask your kids to say pairs of words that have similar sounds. For example, the pair word like “bat” or “bag”. You can find that kind of word on Google.

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Showing Them The Correct One

After mapping the trouble, you can show the correct form of the words. Start slowly, by moving from theme to theme. Ask them to repeat what you have been said. And then correct them for their mistakes. When you think your kids are already good at that. You can command them to use the word in a sentence. In addition, you can put the pairs of the word into a sequence of sentences.

Using Worksheets Below

Below, there are numerous worksheets to help the learning. On each worksheet, you will find a page with an object below. You can command your kids to pronounce the object. In addition, there is an interesting way to utilize the page. Firstly, you can cut the worksheet. Then, put the paper below a penny or other things as a pointer. Then, you can ask where the penny at. Your kids will answer, for example, “The penny is under the bed”.

Final Consonant Deletion Worksheets Ideas

Final Consonant Deletion Activities Cover Page

final consonant deletion activities for speech therapy
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Interactive Books For Minimal Pairs Cover Page

interactive books for final consonant deletion using
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Final Consonant Booklets Cover Page

minimal pairs activity booklets final consonant deletion
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Phonology Final Consonant Deletion Cover Page

phonology final consonant deletion allison fors final
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Speech Freebie of Minimal Pairs for Final Consonant Deletion

speechie freebies final consonant deletion minimal pairs
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Match The Tail Puzzle Worksheet

final consonant deletion tail sound packet final
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Smash Mats Worksheet

pin speech society on slp pediatric final consonant
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Final Consonant Deletion Photo Smash Mats for Preschool

final consonant deletion photo smash mats preschool
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Fun Button for Kids’ Speech Training

the speech space final consonant deletion fun button
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Pronounce The Object: A Final Consonant Worksheet

pin the stepping stones group on artic t d n final
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Minimal Contrast Picture Cards For Final Consonant

minimal contrast picture cards for final consonant
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Games Collection of Final Consonant

final consonant deletion no prep phonology distance
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Vocabulary Flash Cards

lc slp caboose sounds speech language therapy final
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Phonology Box Puzzle for Kids

final consonant deletion final consonant deletion play
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115 Cards for Final Consonant Deletion

final consonant deletion puzzle cards final consonant
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Picture Scenes Puzzle for Learning

no print final consonant deletion picture scenes final
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Judul Sesuai Gambar

final consonant deletion sound loaded scenes farm zoo
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Vocabulary Pair and Math Worksheet

minimal pairs interactive book final consonant deletion
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Collection of Final Consonant Worksheets

final consonant deletion activities for speech therapy
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Pin the Tail Sound Worksheets

final consonant deletion activities speech therapy
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At last, we hope this page can be beneficial for you.

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