Awesome Fireworks Coloring Pages Gallery

Awesome Fireworks Coloring Pages Gallery


Celebrate the new year without fireworks will feel empty. Everyone will look forward to the installation of fireworks at the turn of the year. For children, this moment is very stunning, children want to see it at night.

The colors that come from the fireworks will make everyone happy. Not only colors, but also the different shapes of fireworks make everyone feel happy.

The fireworks have actually been around since the 2nd century BC, Ma. The first fireworks were made in Liuyang, China.

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Coloring Five Fireworks in the sky

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Amazing fireworks light


The light from the fireworks is a combination of two types. The types of fireworks have 2 different lights.

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The name of those lights are incandescence and luminescence light.

Incandescence light is come from heat energy, while luminescence comes from energy sources.

The combination of these two lights produces a different color with each explosion. The colors that come out look amazing.

Coloring Three Fireworks

fireworks coloring page teacher made
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Fireworks as Symbol of Celebration

In 1295, Marco Polo brought fireworks from China to Europe. Then, around the 13th century, the gunpowder and the recipe for making fireworks spread there  as well as the Arabian Peninsula through French diplomats, explorers and missionaries.

Fireworks as part of the entertainment are also approved by British leaders. The first fireworks are appear in the British Empire to celebrate Henry VII’s wedding in 1486.

Peter the Great who was Tsar of Russia also hosted a five-hour fireworks display at the birth of his son.

When the Europeans finally ventured to the Americas, their fireworks recipe carried there too. According to the history, Captain John Smith was the one who first set off fireworks in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1608.

Even so, the tradition of fireworks in America, started on July 4, 1776, to celebrate the Declaration of Independence.

Coloring Fourth Of July Fireworks Doodle

fourth of july fireworks doodle coloring page free
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Happy New Year Fireworks Coloring Pages

free printable coloring pages happy new year pusat hobi
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Big Happy New Year Fireworks Coloring Collection

color pages fourth of july big fireworks coloring page
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Coloring Three Fireworks in the sky

fireworks coloring pages firework colors coloring pages
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Two Fireworks ready to be fired Coloring Idea

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Boy and Girl Watch the fireworks Coloring Collection

july 4th fireworks kizi free coloring pages for
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Coloring Piggy year of 2019

printable new years coloring pages 2019 new years fireworks
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Great Big bang Fireworks Coloring Pages

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Coloring Ten Balloons and Fireworks

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Two Big Fireworks in the city Coloring Pictures

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Coloring Many exploded fireworks in a sheet

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Printable Sheet of Big and Small fireworks

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Coloring Fireworks ready for exploding

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Great Bridge Fireworks Coloring Pages

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six types of fireworks Coloring Sheet

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Fireworks in the sky Coloring Image

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Picture of Fireworks and donald duck

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You can download and print all those coloring collection of fireworks pictures. All the pictures are free and printable for your coloring activity. Have fun!

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