Measurement Worksheets For 1st to 3rd Grades

Measurement Worksheets For First Grade – Your kids will understand more about the measurement concept from this page.

From the first to third grade, a concept of measuring is introduced to kids. However, it is can be complicated in some cases. It is because measuring requires observation skills that some students lack. However, it can be improved through numerous practices. For that purpose, we are here with a set of solutions for you. On this page, you will find many Measurement Worksheets that will help your kids increase their capabilities in measuring. In addition, we also come with some teaching tips for you.

Strategies for Teaching Measurement

Before introducing the concept of measurements, your kids must understand some concepts first. In the first two points below, we elaborate on how you can introduce that concept.

No Tools Measurements

For first grade, your kids don’t need to use a standard measurement yet. The objective for this phase is that kids understand that all kinds of things can be measured. Then, at this stage, you need to start introducing the measurement by using non-standard tools. For example, you can ask your kids to use their feet or hands to measure the table. Moreover, you can also use the things your kids like. For instance, your kids can measure a book with candies.

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Comparing Game

Before jumping to the measuring concept, you need to introduce them to the idea of comparing. You can ask them to bring their favorite things. Then, command them to compare the things. Moreover, you can give them a question like “what is the longest thing in your rooms”.

Practice Worksheets

After introducing them to measurement, you can start the measurement practice. On this page, you will find many worksheets for that. Our collection of worksheets consists of any level of difficulty. Just pick one that is suitable for your kids. In addition, to engage your kids, you can give them rewards for each time they answer correctly.

Measurement Worksheets Collection

How Long Is It? Answer Sheet

measuring worksheets for 2nd grade teaching measurement
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Measurement Worksheets Collection to Print

first grade measurement worksheets and printables
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Measuring Millilitre Scale

first grade measurement worksheets
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Measure Weight Scale Worksheet

math worksheets for grade 1 on measurement best worksheet
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Comparing Thick and Thin Worksheet

measurements worksheets i grade 1 maths key2practice
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Measuring Practice: Ice Cream Cone

ccss 2md1 worksheets measuring worksheets
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Which One Hold Less?

1st grade measurement worksheets math worksheet for kids
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Kids Math Measurement for 1st Grade

kids math measurement worksheetsgrade 1 shixian li
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Measurement for First Grade Worksheets Collection

measurement worksheets first grade nonstandard activities
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Shortest or Longest Worksheet

printable primary math worksheet for math grades 1 to 6
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Measuring Pencils Worksheet

ccss 2md1 worksheets measuring worksheets
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Reading Scales Worksheet

4th grade measurement worksheets
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Fill the Ten Frame Worksheet

numbers and counting worksheets for grade 1 math skills
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Nonstandard Measurement Worksheet

non standard unit measurement worksheet
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Third Grade Worksheet for Practical Measurement

measurement worksheet grade 1 measurement worksheets
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Measuring Length and Height for First Grade

measuring length and height worksheet
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Length Measurement Worksheet

free printable measurement worksheet for kindergarten
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Color and Measure Worksheet

pin on measurements worksheets
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At last, we hope your kids is able to comprehend measurement through this page.

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