The History of Hearts Coloring Pages Gallery

Hearts are the symbol of love and affection. There are various types and colors of hearts and they have different meanings. For example, a wounded heart means lovesickness. 

Some of you may be curious why the heart is the symbol of love. In this post, we will discuss the history behind this symbol. Some decades ago, some people believed that this was not a heart but a picture of the ivy leaves. Those leaves mean fidelity.

1. A Heart-Shaped Plant

The ancient Greeks and Romans used to have this heart-shaped plan to be birth control. Some used it for cough syrup and food flavoring. This plant was popular among ancient writers and poets because of its contraceptive power.

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As time goes by, that heart-shaped plant becomes Valentine’s heart. This plant is called silphium.

2. Medieval Anatomy Drawing

Some scholars argued about this symbol. They believed that this symbol came from the writings of Galen and Aristotle (a philosopher), which was the human heart. It contains three chambers with a small dent (in the middle).

It is not arguably because a human’s heart is associated with emotion and affection.

3. During Renaissance

During the Renaissance, this symbol of the heart was popular for religious arts. And this heart symbol is used until modern days, especially every Valentine’s Day.

Today, in this modern-day, a heart symbol varies. There are lots of heart symbols, such as the ones for kids (with cute animations), the ones for youngsters with polka dots, etc.

Modern people have more complete sources to decide which symbol to show. So, to show some love according to the hobby and age of the receivers, we can customize them. Just like the following printable coloring sheets below, you will find various themes and details.

Come see the coloring sheets and be happy. hearts coloring pages

Hearts Coloring Pages Gallery

Sweet Heart with Arrow Emoji Coloring Pages for Teenagers

heart color page face emoji coloring pages vodafologclub
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Just Free Coloring Pages Of Hearts And Roses

just coloring free coloring pages of hearts and roses
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Free Printable Heart Coloring Pages For Kids

free printable heart coloring pages for kids heart
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Conversation Hearts Coloring Pages And Image

conversation hearts coloring pages image wendy hogan
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Picture Of Heart Coloring Page for Kids

picture of heart coloring page hottestnews
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Healing Hearts Coloring Page Printable For Valentines Coloring

healing hearts coloring page printable valentines coloring
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Free Printable Coloring Sheets Of Hearts

free printable coloring sheets of hearts huangfei
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Pictures Of Hello Kitty Hearts To Color For Girls

pictures of hearts to color broken heart coloring pages
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Broken Heart Coloring Pages For Girls

broken heart coloring pages javisebalierco
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Heart Shape Coloring Pages Free To Print Out

heart color page shape coloring pages free to print out
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Free Two Hearts And Rose Clipart

740 free heart free clipart 5
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Best Hearts Coloring Pages For Adults And Kids

hearts coloring pages for adults best coloring pages for kids
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55 Heart Coloring Pages Hearts Coloring Transparent

55 heart coloring pages hearts coloring transparent
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Flower And Leaves Heart Color Pages For Adults

heart color pages on augmentationco
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Free Printable Heart I Love Mom Coloring Pages

free printable heart coloring pages sheets ainoumiclub
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Heart Coloring Pages For Teenagers

heart coloring pages for teenagers coloring pages
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Heart with Wings Coloring Pages For Free

heart color pages on augmentationco
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Cool Coloring Pages Of Hearts For Boys

cool coloring pages of hearts at getdrawings free for
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Free Printable Valentine Hearts Coloring Pages

free printable valentine hearts coloring pages
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Free Valentine Heart Coloring Pages To Download

free valentine heart coloring pages download free clip art
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