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Koala is a cute animal from Australia. Besides kangaroo, many tourists come and visit Australia to see the real koalas. There are various TV series and movies. One of the popular ones is ‘Sing’. An animated family movie about naturally talented singers from any background.

‘Sing’ the movie tells about Mister Moon (a Koala) who needs to make his opera house stands still. This movie gives you how the struggle is real. Although it does not represent the real koala, kids must love how a Mister Moon looks so cute as a koala doll. Introduce your kids to a koala through TV series and movies to open up their perspectives. For the real koalas, here are three fun facts about them.

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1. Koalas are Native Animals of Australia

Koalas can only be found in Australia. They live in a free environment. Although they look cute in the movie, they have super sharp claws to climb the higher trees.

2. Koalas Habitat

Koalas live in eucalyptus and eat gum leaves. Gum leaves are usually toxic for other animals but not for Koalas. They are small animals that have this unique ability and power.

3. Koalas Do Not Drink Often

Koalas get moisture from eucalyptus leaves so they don’t drink very often. But in case there are in a drought or on extremely hot days, they drink water.

After telling your little ones about koalas, you should teach them to keep the environment. Because there were many koalas burnt in the forest some months ago. And it hurts people from all around the world to see koalas could not escape the fire. If we tell our kids to save the environment, at least they will keep it in mind until they are grown up. So, wherever they live, they will not make any harm to their surrounding. Let’s keep the environment from a small act. koala coloring pages

Koala Coloring Pages Gallery

Combo Panda Coloring Pages Koala For Kids

coloring pages ideas combo panda coloring pages koala for
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Koala Coloring Pages Free Printables

koala coloring pages free printables x basteleien
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Learning Friends Koala Coloring Printable

learning friends koala coloring printable from leapfrog the
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Koala Bear Printable Coloring Pages

koala bear printable coloring pages
Save image | Credit: www.clipart.email

Koala Coloring Page Super Simple

koala coloring page super simple
Save image | Credit: supersimple.com

Koala Bear Printable Coloring Pages

koala bear printable coloring pages
Save image | Credit: www.clipart.email

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Koala Bear Colouring Page Cute

koala bear colouring page bear coloring pages cute
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Cute Koala Coloring Pages

cute koala 7 coloring pages cute coloring pages bear
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Koala Coloring Page Audio Stories For Kids

koala coloring page audio stories for kids free coloring
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Koala Brothers Coloring Page

koala brothers 3 coloring page
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Koala Coloring Page For Kids

koala coloring page for kids koala coloring page for kids
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Coloring Pages of Koala Bears Family For Adults

coloring pages koala bears family animal coloring book for adult instant download pdf jpg files printable coloring pages for adults
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The Adventure Of Koalas Coloring Page

koala coloring page bear pages the adventure of koalas color
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Ba Koala On Mothers Back Coloring Page Free Printable

ba koala on mothers back coloring page free printable
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Free Koala Pictures To Print Download Free

free koala pictures to print download free clip art free
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Coloring Pages Of Koalas

coloring pages of koalas interesantecosmetice
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Cute Koala Coloring Page Free Printable

cute koala coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Koala Bear Coloring Pages

koala colouring page bear coloring pages zoo animal
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Koala Bear Printable Coloring Pages

koala bear printable coloring pages
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Printable Koala Coloring Pages Free Printable

printable koala coloring pages free printable koala coloring
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