Leprechaun Characters for Coloring Activity

Leprechaun are depicted as old men who like to misbehave. They trade by selling pebbles or becoming shoemakers. They are said to be very rich. According to legend, the leprechaun had a barrel filled with gold. The barrel is said to be placed at the end of the rainbow. It is said that whoever manages to steal the gold barrel, the god of deception must grant 3 wishes if the barrel is to be returned.

During the celebration of Green Day or the day to remember Saint Patrick, it is said that a leprechaun will come to someone’s house. That’s why in every country when celebrating this day children start competing to catch leprechauns. Then, Folklore about the leprechaun originated in Ireland, starting to spread along with the spread of the celebration of St. Patrick to various countries.

Leprechaun Characters for Coloring Activity

Leprechaun and Cigar

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Leprechaun and his Hat

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A Pot Of Gold

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Hat of Laprechaun

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Benefit of Retelling a Folklore

Books are still the medium that parents choose to hone their child’s development. There are various types of popular children’s books, ranging from story books to books that keep your little one busy playing (busy books). Although it seems trivial, reading story books and fairy tales is an activity that has benefits and is fun for children. Here are the reasons and benefits of reading fairy tales before bed to children.

1. Strengthen the relationship between children and parents

Firstly, taking time to read fairy tales before bed can be an effective and beneficial way to spend time with children. In fact, this one activity can also help strengthen the bond between parents and children. The reason is, when reading fairy tales, an interactive communication process between parents and children will usually be established.

2. Introducing various forms

Secondly, in infants, their eyes will focus more on seeing simple patterns in the storybooks that their parents show. Indirectly, this is the benefit of reading fairy tales to children. You introduce object shapes, words, and various colors from an early age. Fathers and mothers do not need to buy a collection of thick and expensive fairy tales. Then, choose a simple book, but the content in it contains many character shapes with various colors. That way, your little one is more interested in glancing and enjoying it. 

3. Helping the child’s speech process

Lastly, reading can stimulate children’s brain development. When parents read fairy tales to children, the benefit for children is that they will receive information. Parents can read the story slowly, speak clearly, and pause each section. If there is a picture or shape, father and mother can show and explain it to the little one.

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Leprechaun at Saint Patricks Day

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Standing Laprechaun

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Girl Leprechaun

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Girl Leprechaun Holds Flower

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St Patricks Day Leprechaun

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Cute Leprechaun On A Pot Of Gold

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Sharon Hoover Laprechaun

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Playing Violin Leprechaun

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Rainbow from Leprechaun and Pot Of Gold

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Leprechaun Coloring Book Saint Patricks Day

colouring pages leprechaun coloring book saint patricks day
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Leprechaun in A Doll

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Old and Greedy Leprechaun

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Transmissionpress Leprechaun

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Winny The Pooh

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Leprechaun in Last Year

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Best Expression of Leprechaun

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Finally, we hope you enjoy with us. Then, Enjoy and Happy Coloring!

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