New Lion King Coloring Pages Collection 2021

Lion King Coloring Pages. Lion King is considered the best cartoon for kids. Actually, everybody all around the world has felt in love with the show. Just ask anybody about Hakuna Matata and the phenomenal Circle of life song. Thus, we will provide you with Lion King Coloring Page to entertain you. In addition, we also add some tips in using watercolor. It is because watercolor is always fun for beginners. For some people, watercolor can be intimidating. But by practicing the following step-by-step, you will find out how watercolor really works. And how to have fun with it.

Basic Watercolor Methods for Beginners

The following are the best methods to feel comfortable with your paints. Are you ready to start practicing? Here we go!

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1. The Wet-on-Wet Method.

Technically, this is by applying the wet paint to a wet surface. This method gives us a flowy look that can be applied in such different ways. Apply this method to paint simple skies, landscapes, and other soft watercolor wash.

  • Use plain water to wet your brush and paint two rectangles.
  • Since this rectangle will have no pigment, you need to tilt your head a little more to see it.
  • Pick a moistened brush and add color to your first rectangle.
  • Whereas the second rectangle is for adding dabs of paint. 
  • In this step, your paint begins to dry. And see how it magically turns into beautiful paint. As this method cannot be controlled 100% of how it will end. This is the interesting point of the wet-on-wet method. While the color becomes less vibrant, the texture appears.

2. The Wet-on-Dry Method.

Forget about those mysterious colors. This method will lead to precise and defined shapes. And here is how to begin with.

  • Take dry paper and moistened paintbrushes.
  • Start drawing.
  • In this method, how much water you mix in influences how your paint looks.
  • It is recommended to use a minimum amount of water for beginners.
  • Once the paint dries, you will find a sketch-like finish.

Watercolor is an art in which the final look looks a little different than the process. The colors may fade, so you must consider how many colors you should add to find the desired final color.

Lion King Coloring Pages Collection 2021

Lion King Character, Rafiki Coloring Page

lion king coloring pages rafiki high quality coloring
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Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon Coloring Page

free lion king coloring pages at getdrawings free for
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Young Simba and Nala Coloring Page

coloring book 34 extraordinary free lion king coloring
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Simba Playing With The Bush

get this lion king coloring pages disney uate4
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Nala Finds Simba Coloring Page

nala finds simba coloring pages hellokids
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Nala and Simba Dancing Around Coloring Page

lion guard coloring pages download fun for kids
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Young Simba Chilling on The Tree

lion king coloring pages zirafa picture of a lion face
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Young Nala and Simba Have Fun Together

the lion king coloring pages disney kids games lwen
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The Hakuna Matata Gang

lion king coloring pages free drawings with lion king
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Mufasa And Young Simba Under The Night Sky

get this lion king coloring pages for kids 3jfi3
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Timon And Pumbaa Coloring Page

lion king timon and pumbaa coloring page
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Transparent Angry Mufasa Lion King

transparent angry lion png mufasa lion king coloring pages
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Transparent Baby Simba Coloring Page

lion king coloring pages ausmalbilder lion king
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Smiling Simba Coloring Page

the lion king color page disney coloring pages color plate
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Simba and Nala, The Lovely Couple
the lion king coloring pages ba simba animated lion

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Young Simba and Nala, The Love Journey

nala lion king coloring pages
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New Printable Young Simba Coloring Pages

ba simba coloring pages the lion king printable coloring
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Pumbaa and Timon on The Jungle

free lion king coloring pages nala gardina
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Cute Simba and the Crown Coloring Page

colouring pages king pusat hobi
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Enjoy yourself with our Lion King Coloring Pages.

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