Minions Coloring Pages and Facts for Kids

Minions Coloring Pages and Facts for Kids. They are here to cheer you up with their funny bearings.

These little yellow persons have starred in not only one but 4 movies. Their funny upbringings are cute to watch. Even though like that, they are have come long before our time. Thus, we have many facts about them that can be shared. These fun facts will cover some secrets about these yellow creatures that you never know. Thus, it will highly entertain you. Moreover, there are also a lot of coloring pages that can provide more about them below. Thus, let’s enjoy this and get your entertainment.

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Minion Facts

Posses Great Strength

They may be very cute creatures. However, it doesn’t mean that they are weak. Firstly, they can survive in outer space. Their body doesn’t require oxygen so they can adapt in any environment. Secondly, they can turn into strong and aggressive after a special condition. It is when they are exposed to special serum, such as in Despicable Me 1.


Piere Coffin, Director of Despicable Me, said that Minion is there to make the Gru Personality more friendly. However, it first didn’t come in the shape that we know. The first design minion will be giant and orc-like. Moreover, the inspiration came from Jawas from Star Wars and Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka.


The language may seem like gibberish, but there is a familiar feeling when we hear the language. However, the creator of Despicable Me actually combines many languages, such as French, English, Spanish and Italian. Furthermore, the voice from English Word is dubbed again in every country to grow a sense of familiarity to the minion.

Their Origin

In Minions movie, we know that minions have already been on earth since the beginning. It firstly came from the mutated single cell. However, there is still no further explanation about them. We don’t even know if there are Minion’s Kids or not.

Minion Coloring Pages Collection

Minion and Pikachu Coloring Page

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Minion with His Innocent Looks Coloring Page

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The Minion Greet You to Join Them Coloring Page

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Three Minions Starting The Party Coloring Page

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The Minnion and His Teddy Bear Coloring Page

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Stuart The Minion and Kevin The Minion

stuart the minion christmas coloring pages kevin the minion
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Funny Minion Playing with The Speaker Coloring Page

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Two Minions Are Ready to Serve Their Master

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Minion Undercover from Despicable Me Coloring Page

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Bob Minion in Surprised Look Coloring Page

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Minions Get Undercover as Family Coloring Page

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Minion as A Lady Coloring Page

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Minion Kevin Coloring Page for Kid

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Minion and Teddy Bear Coloring Page

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Adorable Look from The Minion Coloring Page

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Minion from Despicable Me Coloring Page

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Minion Simple Art Coloring Page

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Despicable Me Kevin The Minion Coloring Page

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The Three Minions from Minion Movie Coloring Page

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Minions Are Cheering You Coloring Page

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At last,we hope you and your kids can enjoy our Minions Coloring Page.

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