Moon Coloring Pages Collection

Moon Coloring Pages Collection. Not just the night sky, Moon also shines in coloring pages below.

Moon is the most essential object in the earth’s sky. Its light shines on the Night Sky. Moreover, it plays a central role in our life. Each phenomenon concerning the moon involves human’s daily life. For example, when night, the moon will influence the ocean tide to rise and then force fishermen to go fishing. Thus, the importance and its existence must be taught to our younger generation. Below we have some coloring pages and material in supporting your learning activity with Kids.

Moon Facts for Learning

In learning, we need some facts to support our material. There are the facts from us.

Earth Satellite

A satellite refers to an object orbiting a planet. Some planets have a lot of satellites. For example, Saturn has 82 satellites and Jupiter has 79 satellites. However, earth only has one satellite that is our moon. Moreover, the moon is also more solid than other satellites in our solar system

Moon Light

Actually, the Moon’s surface is very dark. However, we saw the moon as a very bright object. It is because the moon reflecting the sun’s light to the earth. Moreover, the location where sunlight illuminates changes over time. Thus, from the earth, we will see that the moon is changing from a full moon, half-moon, crescent moon, etc.

History of Moon

Scientist still never fully covers the history of the moon. However, a theory said that in 4,5 billion years ago a big meteorite crashed the earth. Then, the debris of the crash was accumulated in the sky and resulted in what we know as the moon.


Just like the earth, Moon has gravity. However, the moon’s gravity isn’t as strong as earth’s, which is one-sixth from the earth. So, you will be able to float when walking on the moon. Thus, it is also a reason for the astronaut went to the moon having a very heavy suit.

Moon Coloring Pages Collection

Moon And Stars Coloring Pages

moon and stars coloring pages printable coloring home
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Moon And Stars Coloring Page

coloring pages of sun moon and stars 1 moon coloring pages
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Good Night from Moon Coloring Page

space coloring pages for kids space coloring pages moon
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Printable Sleeping Moon Coloring Page

printable sleeping moon coloring page
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Floral Moon Coloring Page

floral moon coloring page design ms moon coloring pages
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Moon and Two Stars Logo Coloring Page

phases of the moon coloring pages kaigobank
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Sun And Moon Hippy Art Style Coloring Pages

sun and moon coloring pages pin muse printables on adult
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Sun And Moon Mandala Pattern Coloring Page

sun and moon coloring pages for adults vector premium download
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The Crescent Moon and Stars Coloring Page

the best free moon coloring page images download from 1633
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Moon Letter and Logo Coloring Page

coloring pages moon phases dopravnisystem
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Phases of Moon and Nature Coloring Page

free phases moon coloring pages download free clip art
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Crescent Moon Wind Catcher Coloring Page

coloring pictures of the sun and moon superfresco
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Letter M Is For Moon Coloring Page

letter m is for moon coloring page free printable coloring
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Moon is Sleeping Coloring Page

free printable moon coloring pages kids choosboox
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Moon, Cloud and Star Coloring Page

colouring pages for sun moon and stars huangfei
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Cartoon Crescent Moon Coloring Page

cartoon crescent moon coloring page free printable
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Crescent Moon Simple Art Style Coloring Page

crescent moon colourin haa helal crescent moon
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Sailor Moon Coloring Page

sailor moon coloring pages pdf 104 best sailor moon coloring
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Moon And Stars in The Night Sky Coloring Pagefree moon and stars coloring pages download free clip art

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At last, we hope this moon coloring page will be beneficial for you.

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