Holy Moses Story Coloring Ideas

Moses is a Bani Israel, namely those who are descendants of Ya’qub or Jacob. It is said that Ya’qub originally lived in Palestine. Ya’qub’s eleventh son, Yusuf, who had become a confidant of the king then invited Ya’qub and his family to Palestine to live in Egypt because of the great famine. They then breed there.

He was a highly respected and well-known figure in the Abrahamic religions. Together with Aaron, Moses is known as a leader and prophet who freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The Torah addressed to him became the main legal basis for the prophets of the Children of Israel and the religious life of the Jewish nation.

The Bible says that by killing the Egyptian Moses thought the Israelites knew that God would save them through Moses, but the Israelites did not understand what Moses meant. After knowing Moses’ actions, Pharaoh intended to kill Moses. Musa then fled to Madyan. When they arrived at Madyan’s water source, there were some women who were having trouble watering their livestock and Musa helped them. Afterward, the father of the women asked his daughter to invite Moses to their residence. Musa then worked as a shepherd for the man and married his daughter.

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Holy Moses Story Coloring Ideas

The Birth of Moses in Nil River

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The Call Of Moses

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Letter M Is For Moses

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Great Giant Moses

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Finding Baby Moses in The River

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Moses A Deliverer is Born

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Led The Group By Moses

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Crossing The Sea, History, and Fact

Researchers also hypothesized the location of the miracle of the Prophet Musa AS which split the Red Sea. According to researchers, miracles may have occurred in the part of the Red Sea located north of Egypt. Very strong winds blowing throughout the night are believed to push the water in the Red Sea coastal areas of the region.

This condition caused the Red Sea to split and the Prophet Musa (AS) could pass. Researchers estimate that the wind is blowing at a steady speed of 63 meters per hour from east to west. The wind passed over the area the researchers reconstructed as a lake along the Mediterranean region.

The area is now close to Port Said, a city located in northern Egypt and at the end of the Suez Canal. The force of the wind and water pushes the water to the west coast revealing a wide muddy road. Furthermore, there is a better and dry way until all the people of Prophet Musa (AS) have passed.

Crossing Red Sea

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Baby Moses in The River

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Cute Baby Moses

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Moses, Haroon, and Pharaoh

In the Qur’an, it is stated that Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh, declared themselves to be messengers of Allah, and asked Pharaoh to free the Children of Israel. There was a dialogue between them about God. Pharaoh brought up the past of Moses who grew up in the palace and Moses’ mistakes in the past, namely killing an Egyptian. Pharaoh considered Musa and Harun to be insane and declared that anyone who worshiped other than him would be imprisoned. Next, Moses showed his miracle, namely, the staff that became a snake, and his hands turned white. Pharaoh and his followers laughed at him and thought that it was just magic.

The two sides then agreed on an agreement to hold an open match on the feast day between Moses and Aaron with the Egyptian sorcerers. To the magicians of Egypt, Pharaoh promised a position close to him if they won the match. The magicians then threw their rigging and sticks and turned them into snakes.

Moses And The Burning Bush Bible

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Moses and His Wound

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Walking Between Red Sea

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Finding The Moses

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Moses And Pharaoh

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God Gave The Staff To Moses

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Taurat for Moses

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Moses Heads The Pharoh

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Baby Moses Bibel Malvorlagen

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Moses is safe The Burning Bush

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We hope you enjoy yourself with us. Try to introduce the history of Moses in a simple way.

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