USA Patriotic Coloring Pages Ideas for Kids

Patriotic coloring sheets can make your kids busy during the holiday. Just before Independence Day, most Americans must stock up on some fireworks, hot dogs, beer, and anything about the American flag and symbol.

Besides, you must not forget to stock snacks and patriotic coloring sheets for your kids. At least you will make them busy whilst you are barbecuing and partying in the backyard.

Every time your kids ask about the history behind this celebration but you forget your past history class, check the following facts about America’s Independence Day.

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1. It happened on July 2

Actually, the Continental Congress voted July 2 1776 as the day of America’s Independence Day. But the Congress fully accepted the Declaration of Independence two days later.

But another historical fact states that the Declaration of Independence was fully signed by the entire members of the Congress on August 2, 1776. Although the declaration was dated on July 4 and it became official America’s Independence Day.

2. John Adams knew how to celebrate

After the Declaration of Independence, which was July 2, 1776, he wrote to his wife about celebrating with fireworks and parades. This became the first moment where every year in the modern days, Americans celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, even a month before the day and at all hours of the night. 

3. The first celebration

The first full-fledged celebration was held a year later, which was in 1777. Those festivities were held in Rhode Island, Bristol, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia. The similarities of festivities in each country were loads of food, fireworks, and booze.

The historical stories were always fun to follow. Due to a lack of complete information and documentation, there must be some different versions. For us, living in this modern-day, we must be thankful to everyone back in those years. We must continue to build a love for the Nation, such as by giving patriotic coloring pages.

Patriotic Coloring Pages Ideas

Free Printable Patriotic Coloring Pages for Kids

free printable patriotic coloring pages at getdrawings
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Patriotic American Flag Coloring Pages For Adults

patriotic coloring pages for adults at getdrawings
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Free Patriotic American Hat Coloring Page

free patriotic coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Patriotic American Flag Coloring Page for Free

patriotic coloring page tims printables
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Free Patriotic Coloring Pages Sugar Bee Crafts

free patriotic coloring pages sugar bee crafts
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Get Patriotic With This Fourth Of July Coloring Page

get patriotic with this fourth of july coloring page
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Hat Of Patriotic Kizi Free Coloring Pages For Children

hat of patriotic kizi free coloring pages for children
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Free Mandala Flag Patriotic Coloring Pages

free patriotic coloring pages flag coloring pages
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Patriotic Coloring Pages For Patriots Of All Ages

patriotic coloring pages for patriots of all ages
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Free Printable Happy Fourth USA Fireworks Coloring Page

happy fourth usa fireworks coloring page free printable
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Patriotic American History Coloring Page For Kids

patriotic coloring pages american history for kids us
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Patriotic Coloring Pages Free To Print

patriotic coloring pages free to print coloring4free
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Patriotic Flag and Founding Father Coloring Pages

patriotic coloring pages
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Patriotic Words Coloring Page for Adults

patriotic coloring page 005
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Free Patriotic Coloring Sheets For Children

free patriotic coloring sheets for children
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Patriotic Coloring Pages for Kids

patriotic coloring pages coloring pages flag coloring
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Patriotic Coloring Page Of An Eagle And Stars For The Fourth

patriotic coloring page of an eagle and stars for the fourth
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Independence Day And Other Patriotic Coloring Pages

independence day and other patriotic coloring pages from
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Patriotic Coloring Page for Kids

patriotic coloring page patriotic coloring page patriotic
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Patriotic Fourth July Coloring Page

patriotic coloring pages image printable fourth july
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