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People Coloring Pages. Colored pencils have been considered as the common art-making medium. But don’t you know that there are differences between those used by children and professional artists? The ones used by professional artists usually contain a higher degree of wax and pigment, compared to those used by children.

The coloring results of both types are different either. The ones for professional artists create rich, deep, and also luminescent colors. That is the reason why the results created by professional artists look more pigmented as they resemble paintings.

So, here are why color pencils are very popular all around the world.

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1. They are able to render various art styles.

What style of art do you prefer? Abstract, expressive, photorealistic, or details? Anything is possible since colored pencils are semi-opaque. So, you are able to build up your color choices, from light to dark.

2. Practical and hassle-free.

Have you ever thought of bringing your colored pencils to draw something somewhere in the location? Besides, they do not need other accessories and are not easy to dry. This is kind of me-time for artists or even kids loving drawing and coloring activities. Do you dare ask your kids to do outdoor drawing and coloring activities?

3. Easy to blend and combined with other media.

It is easy to create smooth tonal gradation using colored pencils. Some techniques you must teach your kids are layering and blending. While talking about combining the media, the following are some media you can choose, such as crayons, gel pens, markers, pastels, etc.

By combining those media, it is possible to get a unique and smooth work. For example, use markers to highlight or create details on the sketch. Finish your work by using colored pencils so it gets an organic feel.

What if you get to practice now? people coloring pages

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