Kind and Awesome Santa Claus Collection

Every Christmas, the celebrating children will write letters to Santa Claus. Children usually ask for a gift or something they want and hope it will be granted. Santa Claus is known as a fat man who has a white beard, wears a red hat and coat, and brings many gifts. However, do we actually know where the Santa Claus tradition came from?

“Santa Claus” is actually the name given to St. Nicholas, who was the bishop of Myra in the 4th century. He is known as a person who is generous and willing to help anyone. After he died, stories of his generosity spread around the world and he began to be known as “Sinter Klass” in the Netherlands. Subsequently, the term changed to “Santa Claus” in the United States which until now is known throughout the world.

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Kind and Awesome Santa Claus Collection

santa coloring sheets free free printable santa claus
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Mrs. Santa Claus

mr and mrs santa claus coloring pages mr mrs santa claus
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Santa Claus With Glasses

santa claus coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Face of Santa Claus

face of santa claus coloring pages free christmas coloring
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Santa Claus and The Gift

printable santa colouring pages free printable santa claus
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Merry Christmas Santa Claus

merry christmas santa claus coloring pages coloring sky
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Trick and Tips in Choosing Christmas’ Gift

Christmas is a moment where you take a break from the many routines at work. In addition, you can use this moment to relax with your family, watch movies, sleep, eat your favorite foods, or rest. Then, you can travel or go out of town. So, to make the Christmas holiday even more felt, there’s nothing wrong with you as a woman sharing the joy of Christmas by giving Christmas gifts to men or couples.

When it comes to giving gifts, of course there are several things that you should pay attention to. After that, here are tips for choosing a special Christmas gift: First, make a list of people who will be given gifts, such as mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, or closest friends. Second, you need to do this so that the budget is not swollen and on target.

After making a list, adjust the budget with the gifts to be purchased.  Then, it will make you more controlled in spending and of course you will not run into a budget deficit when the Christmas celebration is over. You certainly really hope that the gift given can be useful, right? To make gifts more memorable, find out the needs and preferences of those closest to you, such as their habits, hobbies, or other things.

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Santa Claus Lists The Gift Reciever

santa claus coloring pages online at getdrawings free
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Happy Santa Claus Calm Face

happy santa claus coloring page coloring christmas
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Three Interesting Facts About The True Santa Claus

1.Santa Claus comes from the real character Saint Nicholas who came from Myra, Lycia, a province in Anatolia Byzantium (now located in Turkey). Furthermore, he was a Greek Christian bishop born in 280 and famous for his generosity in giving aid to the poor.

2. Judging from the history of where he lived, most likely the characteristics of Santa Claus’s stature were originally far from the picture of people today. In addition, scientists suspect that Santa Claus had a broken nose from receiving an injury during the persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian of the Roman Empire.

3. In his history, Saint Nicholas has the title of Nicholas the Wonderworker.  An Then, this is because Saint Nicholas is thought to have had many miracles which were used to help the people at that time.

Christmas Santa Claus and Gifts

christmas santa claus coloring pages 34
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An Elephant as A gift from Santa Clause

free printable coloring pictures of santa claus pusat hobi
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Santa Claus Holding The Gift

santa claus coloring pages 1 free patterns what a great
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A Happy Santa Claus Christmas

santa claus christmas coloring page santa clause coloring
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Santa Claus Walking

santa claus coloring page free printable
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The Santa Claus and The Christmas Tree

the santa caluse 3 coloring pages pomorski
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Santa Claus Detailed Face

santa claus coloring page
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Santa Claus, Snowman, and Christmas Tree

santa claus coloring images hottestnews
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Santa Claus Makes A Snowman

santa claus coloring page pages of is g to town father free
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Santa Claus Said “hoo….hoo”

santa claus coloring page christmas edition stock vector
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Santa Claus Ready To Hug

santa claus pictures to color christmas coloring pages
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Santa Claus on The Train

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