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One of the most favorite activities to teach children is shape. There are various media to teach them shapes, such as by giving the real shapes in different colors or coloring sheets so they can color by themselves with the colors they like.

Learning shapes and colors can improve their memory. If you are a teacher or a parent of a preschooler, the following shape coloring sheets are great ways to teach them the eye and hand coordination. Find out some things or tools that are available at home and let them mention the color.

Actually, shapes are the boundary of an object. And you can differentiate them in various ways. You can create shapes by combining curves, points, and lines. So, look at the following shapes to teach your kids.

Table of Contents

1. Open Shapes

Open shapes are like the letter C. What do you recognize once seeing the letter C? Yes, they have something open. The definition of open shapes is not continuous. There are lines that don’t meet each other.

2. Closed Shapes

This is the contrary of the first one. The closed shapes don’t have any break because they are continuous. Examples of closed shapes are letters D, O, and so on.

3. List of Shapes

The following is the list of shapes and can be recognized as closed or opened shapes. Circle (a closed shape), Oval (an elongated shape), Square (a closed shape), triangle, and so on.

The shapes do not depend on the size. Whether they are big or small, an oval will be an oval. You can teach your kids to compare two things at once. For example, a small rectangle and a big rectangle. Ask them to touch which one is small and which one is big. Furthermore, you can ask them to arrange sentences using shapes and colors. At this time, you can start by coloring some free shapes coloring pages.

Shapes Coloring Pages Gallery

Simple Star Template Christmas Shapes Coloring Pages

simple star template christmas shapes coloring pages star
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Shapes Coloring Page

shapes coloring page
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Coloring Pages For Kids of Shapes

coloring pages for kids shapes
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Free Basic Shapes Coloring Pages

free basic shapes coloring pages download free clip art
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Count And Color The Shapes Color The Shapes In Geometry

count and color the shapes color the shapes in geometry
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Shape Color Pages For Preschoolers

shape color pages zuocuclub
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Shapes Coloring Printable For Free

shape color pages child shapes coloring printable free
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Astonishing Shapes Coloring Pages

coloring pages ideas astonishing shapes coloring pages
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Free Printable Shapes Coloring Page

free coloring pages with shapes printable shapes coloring
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Shapes Coloring Pages Free For Personal

shapes coloring pages at getdrawings free for personal
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Basic Geometric Shapes Coloring Page Printable

basic geometric shapes coloring page free printable
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Free Shape Picture Coloring Sheets

free free coloring pages shape picture color shapes coloring
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Top Shapes Coloring Pages Worksheets

top 31 terrific shapes coloring pages worksheets findpage co
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Shapes With Names Printable Sheets To Color

shapes with names printable sheets to color shape coloring
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Coloring Pages Ideas For Kids

coloring pages ideas astonishing shapes coloring pages
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Tracing Shapes Coloring Pages For Preschool

tracing shapes coloring pages preschool tracing worksheets
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Shapes Free Clipart with Names

4727 shapes free clipart 32
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Kids Free Coloring Pages

kids free coloring pages shapes pomorski
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Shapes Coloring Pages For Preschool

shapes coloring pages for preschool hottestnews
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Free Shapes Coloring Pages Printable And Worksheets

free shapes coloring pages printable and worksheets to
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