Soccer Activities and Ball of Soccer For Coloring

Soccer/Football is a sport that uses a ball, generally made of leather and played by two teams, each consisting of 11 core players and several reserve players. It aims to score as many goals as possible by entering the ball into the opponent’s goal. It is played in an open rectangular field, on grass or artificial turf.

In general, only the goalkeeper is entitled to touch the ball with his hands or arms inside his goal area, while the other 10 players are allowed to use their whole body other than the hands, usually with the feet to kick, the chest to control and the head to head the ball. The team that scores the most goals at the end of the game wins. If until the end of time it still ends in a draw, then a draw, extra time or penalty shoot-out can be made, depending on the format of the championship.

Soccer Activities and Ball of Soccer For Coloring

Soccer Ball

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I Love Soccer

i love soccer coloring pages for kids coloring pages
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Goalkeeper Catches The Ball

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Barcelona Soccer

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Soccer Ball and Shoes

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Benefits of Playing Soccer for Kids’ Motoric

1. Improve motor skills
Playing ball requires the ability to run and requires feet to play the ball. Playing soccer is a good game of skill for children, especially for those who need a little help developing their motor skills .

2. Helps brain development
When playing soccer, children must be able to think quickly and solve problems quickly. Practicing these skills will allow children to learn how to overcome challenges. This sport also requires children to learn visual-spatial awareness as well as foot-eye coordination.

3. Increase bone density
In a 2016 study conducted by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, found that children who participated in soccer had higher bone density scores.

4. Build social skills
By playing soccer, children can learn how to share the ball with their teammates. Hauptman says soccer is a great sport that helps kids build interpersonal social skills in kids.

5. Keep children healthy
Soccer is a great sport for teaching young children the basics of endurance, strength and a healthy lifestyle. Not only is soccer great for increasing aerobic capacity, it can also help build muscle strength.

I Love Soccer

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I Love Soccer Ball

i love soccer coloring pages
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Soccer Rules

The normal length of a football game is 2 X 45 minutes, plus a 15 minute break between the two halves. If the position is equal, then an extra time will be held for 2 X 15 minutes, until a winner is obtained, but if they are equal, a penalty shoot-out will be held. The referee can determine the amount of extra time at the end of each half as a substitute for time lost due to substitutions, injuries requiring assistance, or other stoppages. This additional time is referred to as injury time or stoppage time.

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If a player commits a violation that is hard enough, the referee can give a warning with a yellow card or a red card. The game will be stopped for a moment and the referee shows the card in front of the offending player then records his name in the book.

A yellow card is a warning for violations such as being unsportsmanlike, constantly breaking the rules, disagreeing with words or actions, delaying the restart of the match, going in and out of the match without the referee’s approval, or not keeping a distance from opposing players who are taking free kicks. or a throw-in. The player who receives two yellow cards will get a red card and exit the game.

Soccer Activities

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World Cup Soccer

world cup soccer kizi free coloring pages for children
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Spongebob Plays Soccer

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Soccer Boy

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Ball and Shoes

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Barcelona Club Logo

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Playing Soccer

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Minion Playing Soccer

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Big Ball for Soccer

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Soccer Goal!

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Goofy Is Playing Soccer

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Football Soccer Boy

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Classic Soccer Ball

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