Spirit The Horses for Coloring

Spirit is an American western animated film released in 2002. The film is produced by DreamWorks Animation and released by DreamWorks Pictures. Spirit was nominated in the Academy Award category for Best Animated Film. Spirit is a wild horse that has become the target of a herd of horse thieves. They catch wild horses and then sell them to the city.

The story begins when on summer vacation, Lucky, who has been raised by his grandfather since he was a baby, goes to visit Jim’s father’s house in Miradero. The journey to Miradero is the beginning of his epic adventure with a horse named Spirit.

Spirit is a wild horse that has become the target of a herd of horse thieves. They catch wild horses and then sell them to the city. At Miradero, Lucky gets to know girls his age who are great horsemen, namely Abigail Stone and Pru Granger. The three then formed a close friendship.

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Spirit The Horses for Coloring

Spirit and His Partner in The Cloud

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Girls on the Horses

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Faustina Barron On Spirit

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Handsome Boy from Spirit

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Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron

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Spirit And Rain Tesopro

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Spirit Horse in The Desert

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Prezewalski The Wild Horse

The history of people and horses has been intertwined for thousands of years. Horseback riding was the fastest form of transportation for thousands of years, from the Copper Age more than 5,000 years ago to steam trains. Even so, actually only cars that replace it on a large scale. Horses revolutionized human mobility, trade and the mode of warfare.

Przewalski’s horses, named after the Russians who described them in the 19th century, are relatively small and stocky. Like the horses depicted in prehistoric cave paintings, this horse has a gray-brown color with a dark upright mane.

Przewalski’s horses, which were saved from extinction in the 20th century, are descended from horses domesticated in northern Kazakhstan about 5,500 years ago by a people called the Botai culture. This indicates that all wild horses are now extinct. Research shows that the Botai culture offers the earliest evidence for the domestication of horses, but their horses are not the ancestors of modern domesticated horses.

Indiana Boys and Horses

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Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron

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Horsing for Kids

1. Maintain the child’s physical and mental condition

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Fisrtly, Physical activity is very important for children. Especially for every phase in its development. Now this physical activity by riding offers different benefits, namely helping to maintain a child’s stamina and making the coordination of the child’s muscles more balanced. In addition, the bond that occurs between the child and the horse is also able to prevent children from anxiety and stress.

2. Provide valuable experience

In addition to maintaining physical and mental condition, horse riding is also able to provide a valuable experience for children. It takes some practice and approach with the horse itself in order to ‘merge’.

3. Practice social skills

Lastly, Horse riding is not just an activity that involves a child with a horse. But also involve the coach and other friends in the training session. Through this equestrian activity, children will also get new opportunities to practice socializing with others. From here, children can improve their social skills later in society.

Lucky on the Horse

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Family of Owl and Spirit

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Spirit is Sleeping

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Rain Spirit and His Son

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Matt Damon Narrates Spirit Stallion

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Spirit The Wild Horse

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Horse in the Clouds

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Spirit Riding Abigail Boomerang

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Two horses and Indiana

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Pick the Apple with Horses

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Spirit And Lucky

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Finally, we hope you enjoy with us.

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