Summer Vibes for Coloring

Summer is one of the seasons in temperate countries. Depending on the location of the country, summer can occur at different times. In the northern hemisphere, summer starts around June 21 to September 23, while in the southern hemisphere summer starts around December 21 to March 21.

Summer occurs when the subtropics are close to the sun. Winter occurs when the subtropics experience a period of distance from the Sun. Spring is the transition from winter to summer, while autumn is the transition from summer to winter. Summer is also usually for fun, like reading in the park. There are also people who take summer classes to increase their knowledge.

Summer Vibes for Coloring

Sunny day and Sunflower

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Winter Vibes

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Kids Play Glam Vanity

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Keep Styling Sunny Day Preschool

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It is a hot day

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A turkey and teddy bear

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Three Activities You Can Do During Summer

The first activity that I often do when summer comes is drying the mattress. The mattress should indeed be dried as often as possible so that it does not feel hard when used to sleep. The level of softness will decrease and it is no longer comfortable to use as a sleeping mat.

But the problem is the heat of the sun is not there or it is rare during the rainy season. Well, during the hot dry season, drying the mattress became my activity when I was off work.

Jackets are one of the laziest things for me to wash. Besides the jacket material is usually thick, the drying process is also very long. It can take between 3-4 days. Hence, many jackets actually only had time to be washed once a year.

Well, while the weather is hot, then this moment can be used to wash the jacket. The drying process will also not take long, maybe only lasts for one day. So, let’s wash the jacket for productive activities in hot weather.

Blankets are one of the laziest things to wash. As with the jacket, the material is very thick plus it is also wide. So, the drying process is very long.

In the laundry, the cost to wash blankets is usually 5-10 dollars at my place and many of us are lazy to wash it. Well, while the weather is hot, this is the best time to wash the blanket. The drying process will definitely not take long and we don’t have to spend a lot of money to wash it.

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Mr. Potato

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Sunny day and A girl

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Teddy Release Hand

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Four Benefits of Having Activities Outside Home

1. Support children’s health
The body needs the sun to help the body produce vitamin D. This vitamin has many functions in the body, from bone development to the nervous system of children.

2. Children are more immune to disease
Playing outdoors also makes children more immune to disease. In addition, children will also get better sleep at night. This can only be fulfilled if the child plays outside the house and is exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Increase physical activity
Children need to develop their motor skills. With physical activities outside the home – such as running, jumping, playing ball, and cycling, children’s motor skills are also well stimulated. Indirectly, children also exercise which is good for their health.

4. Increase creativity
Playing outdoors is very good for increasing your child’s creativity. Interacting with the environment will make children touch, see, hear and smell new things that they do not get while in the room. This activity can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

Sunny runs the salon

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Sunny Days

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Three Pots and Sunny Day

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Summer and Swiming

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Weather Classroom Doodles

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Bit Bridle Fluttershy Saddle

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Snoopy Hold His Love Tight

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New Sunny Day Colored

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Sunny days and Geng

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Three Girls and a dog

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Barney Playing With Kids On Sunny Day

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Flying Teddies Bear and Sun

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Pin De Maria Sunny Day

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Sunny Days Card

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Doctor Barney

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A Smiling Sunflower

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We hope you enjoy yourself with us. You may find some of them are already colored, you just pick one of them which has not been colored yet.

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