The Gallery of Beautiful Tulips Ready For Coloring

Tulips are one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. This Dutch flower has a beautiful appearance and a unique shape like a cup. In addition, the flowers that signify the arrival of spring also have a variety of beautiful and charming colors such as yellow, red, purple, and pink. Each of these colors has a different meaning.
Tulips are actually part of the lily family, which also includes onions, garlic, and asparagus. The petals are edible and have been used as a substitute for onions and to make wine. Red tulips represent true love. No wonder, tulips are the second most popular flower on Valentine’s Day. White tulips symbolize apology and forgiveness. Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty and yellow symbolizes hope and happiness.

The Gallery of Beautiful Tulips Ready For Coloring

Three Tulips in the Pot

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Six Tulips in a Bush

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Two Tulips With The leafs

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A cup full of Tulips

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Three Beautiful Tulip

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Three Red and Three White Tulips

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Tulip and Its Symbolization

Although not the most beautiful flower that is popular, but the beauty and elegance of the simple tulip means that the flower has become a symbol of various meanings, including the following.
Tulips are the classic love flower. The Turks who originally kept this flower considered it a symbol of heaven on earth, making it part of many religious and secular poetry and works of art.

The Dutch, who popularized the tulip flower in the 17th century, viewed the tulip as a reminder of how short life is. Meanwhile, the tulip flower’s association with love and passion developed especially in the 20th and 21st centuries. However, that does not diminish the power of the symbolism behind this flower.

Unlike some other blooms, the meaning of the tulip flower changes greatly depending on the color. An example is as follows.

1. Yellow tulips The meaning of yellow tulips is believed to be unrequited or rejected love. Sending someone yellow tulips means that you love them, but you know they don’t reciprocate your feelings.

2. Red tulips Bright red is the perfect color of passion and love. Do not send bouquets of tulips of this color to family members or you will send the wrong message.

3. Purple tulips Purple is associated with royalty, but also abundance and prosperity.

4. Pink tulips The meaning behind pink tulips is affection and love that is not too strong, and also offers a more appropriate choice for friends and family

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Tulip grows in a dish

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A crown of Tulip

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Introducing Plants  to Kids

Putting plants on children in a fun way can be a challenge for parents. There are tremendous benefits of gardening for children, so even if your garden is not large, take the time—at least introduce the types of plants. Here are some ways to introduce plants to children.

Invite Children to Garden Introducing plants to children cannot be done in an instant way. Parents can invite their children to garden occasionally. Try it with light gardening that can be done in the yard. You can invite children to plant fruit, vegetables, or flowers in pots or polybags.

Invite Children to Harvest Fruits and Vegetables When the fruit, vegetables, or flowers that are planted have started to grow, show their development to the child. You can also invite children to join in harvesting the fruits and vegetables that have been planted. So, children can feel their share in maintaining plants. When they feel familiar and close to plants, it will be easy to bring children closer to nature.

Introducing plants to children provides great benefits, such as cultivating a sense of respect for living things, to accustoming children to respecting food. Parents can also serve vegetables and fruit from the garden to be enjoyed together. So, children will be more hungry to eat it because they know that the food is the result of their hard work.

Simple Tulip Skecth

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Three tulips in bloom

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Waiting Tulip Bloom

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Spring Tulip

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Tulip in Nature

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Parentune The Tulip

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Tulips Marigold Flower

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Tulip Top

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Three Leafs of Tulip

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Three Tulips in One plant

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Five Bunch of Tulips

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Four Beautiful Tulips

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